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Meclizine HCI 25 mg is good cure for dizzy spells created by a hangover. Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS have their own brands. The Brand name is Dramamine. It’s usually used for motion sickness such as traveling long distances or if you are or choppy waters. Even though it is slightly sedative it’s good for taking the edge off perhaps one of the Number 1 side effects of that Christmas party or you had that night out. It can help get your head together and more focused. People already know to do the usual of drinking sports drinks, getting rest, etc but the Motion Sickeness tablets (that contain Meclizine HCI 25 mg) are good. There are other Motion Sickness pills and tablets so make sure to read the ingredient list. Also people might say that Ginger is good but keep in mind Ginger is more for an “upset stomach” created by dizziness. But it’s Meclizine that seems to pin point the root cause. – And keep in mind this is not a cure or proper treatment for alcoholism. But if you happened to binge by accident because you were having too much of a good time then an OTC (Over the counter) Home Remedy would be Motion Sickness pills. PS Coconut water is great for replacing more electrolytes naturally than sports drinks.


I was dizzy and lightheaded feeling I was anemic and I was put on Iron IV because it takes soooooooo long to build iron stores up so I did the IV for a month and was cured


This is a remedy for dizziness.
Get your eyes checked at a Opticians for a muscle imbalance in the eyes. I was dizzy for 2 yrs and have had every test going eg MRI ct scan, At last after 3 visits to an Optician, They found a muscle imbalance in the eyes which was causing me to feel lightheaded & dizzy. I now wear glasses when out walking & it has cured my dizziness.Sometime the eyes can correct itself so a few visits for eye test may be needed to find this imbalance. Pam


This is my mother’s remedy for dizziness. Grab a piece of cotton and dip it in alcohol. Smell the cotton ball for about 10 seconds or until the dizziness goes away, but no more than 30 seconds. Eat ginger and stay hydrated also. If you have extreme dizziness ( or vertigo) i recommend you to talk to a doctor.


Whenever I get dizzy, I put a cold or wet wash cloth on the back of my neck and lay on my stomach with my head on a pillow. it takes away from the pressure. it might not work for everyone.


Nausea , Dizziness
I seem to have found significant relief after throwing up at work numerous times and going to emergency dept.Later The ear specialist suggest I had MENIERE’S DISEASE.
(an ear thing) He suggested NO CAFFEINE AND BACK OF THE SALT DRASTICALLY (I love salt)A month later I think I can say I have experienced great improvement. Also DRINK LOTS OF WATER and try to get a REGULAR GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP. WATCH THE SODIUM CONTENT IN YOUR FOOD LABELS !
All the best !


try eating raw fresh ginger or ginger losenges. also ginger pills are awesome.
after i started putting ginger in my diet i no longer suffer from dizzy spells.


When I get really dizzy and head feels kind of buzzy I shake my head back and forth (make sure you are sitting down) like you are motioning ‘no’ as super fast as you can with your eyes closed. It may feel a little dizzy when you open your eyes for a second but that head pressure/buzz goes away and so do the dizzies for a little while at least for some relief.


For Dizziness, you can start by taking an Iron Supplement in the morning. Only take half the recommended dose, however since Iron can interact with the absorbtion of other vitamins, like Vitamin D, and therefore cause issues with absorbing calcium. You may also want to supplement this with vitamin D or a regular multivitamin. Most multivitamins with iron themselves will not have enough iron to counteract any dizziness that you may be experiencing. That’s why it’s good to take an iron pill along with a regular multivitamin or just Vitamin D.

Dizziness should start to diminish within a couple of days or so. If not, there may be other avenues you may want to persue, like checking your blood sugar levels, or consulting with your doctor, etc.

This has worked for me and may work for others, especially if there is a history of anemia in your family. The dizzy spells made dieting almost impossible until I started taking Iron. I noticed that my joint pain started to come back, however, and had to increase my vitamin D intake and lower my Iron intake and the joint pain along with the dizzy spells have all gone away.


I find the only thing that works for me is to take a gravol. (motion sickness pill)
It stops it within 10-15 mins but they make you drowsy.


it is said that if you apply pressure four fingure-widths below you kneecap, it will help to lower your dizziness. gradually increse pressure on this accupressure point and hold for two minutes. i personally do not know if this works, but you can try it out.


Unless there’s a medical condition, dizziness is caused many times by dehydration.
Drink lots of water everyday to keep the body and brain hydrated, around half your body weight in ounces.

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For constant Dizziness,nausea, Small strokes and sinus problems: Clean Orange, Lemon, Lime and Tangerine Peel and grate into Yoghurt, fruit salad, smoothies and regular salad.

mike pinoy to

For dizziness if you are standing sit down, then take 10 deep breaths, afterwards lie down for 10 minutes, this technique promotes good return of oxygenated blood to you brain -> therefore it could promote better nutrients to your brain cells and make you feel better.


For dizzy spells, Grab an ice bag for the back of your neck. Sit or lay down and place on the BACK side of your neck. It will bring you out of it quick.
I get dizzy spells often (anxiety related) and I keep a water bottle half frozen with me at all times. Place a water bottle half full in your freezer, allow to freeze solid. When you are ready to go you can fill it up the rest of the way. The ice will last a long time if you purchase a bottle cozy, and you will have fresh cold water to sip (helps too).


A tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can be taken daily as a preventative measure.


Peppermint or chamomile will help with relaxation.


Place the head between the knees to help return blood to the head.


Squeeze the skin between the eyebrows. This is an acupressure point.


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