Dislocations 05 Home Remedies

Home Remedies



NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SEE A TRAINER AND A SPECIALIZED SPORTS MEDICINE DOCTOR. Any first time dislocations set you up for another at any time, and often they will NOT heal either correctly or completely on their own. For temporary help, invest in a decent brace– (not a sleeve-style brace, if it’s your knee)and rest,ice,compression,elevation! Strengthen the muscles that typically hold that joint in place and find therapy techniques. If you play a sport, DO NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT try to suck it up and play anyway. You can do permanant damage to yourself and you might need an MRI, surgery, or a drainage for the fluids in that joint. Even if you need to stay in shape, try swimming or weightlifting or some activity that won’t make your dislocation worse. Finally, make sure you don’t go to Patient first!!! Get a good quality x-ray. No matter how bad you think you messed it up, go see your doctor immediately.


Immediately apply a hot, damp cloth to the injured area for fifteen to twenty minutes. Afterwards, bathe the injured area in cold water to contract the muscle. Be sure to keep the bone in the correct position and see a physician.


Take bonemeal and dolomite to help heal the injured area and as a preventative measure.


Cayenne and lobelia will help ease pain, relax muscles, and aid in healing.


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