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Try to take a teaspoon with turkish black coffe powder. Swallow with a littel bit of water.


I had some kinds of travel diarrhea in India and other tropical countries.
1. Trust your body. If your body wants to flush, often it makes sense. If you’ve got the time to wait do it. If you feel it coming, don’t leave the hotel, get a lot of fluid (you’ll get thirsty) and take a break.
2. Take dehydration salt (according to the free WHO-Formula: there is no patent, no big money for the pharmaceutical companies to make. Therefore it is dirt cheap or (therefore) not available in all pharmacies). Diluted in water it will work quick and ease your headache and weakness in 20 minutes. You can take a few doses per day.
3. doctor’s advice is needed it is not better after 3 days. Some medicine may be helpful to rebuild the digestion flora if digestion problems will persist.
4. go to the doctor at once if there is blood (red or black) involved or if you pass out


Buttermilk is one of the most effective home remedies in the treatment of diarrhea. Buttermilk is the residual milk left after the fat has been removed from curd by churning. It helps overcome harmful intestinal flora. The acid in the buttermilk also fights germs and bacteria. Buttermilk may be taken with a pinch of salt three or four times a day for controlling this disease.
Carrot soup is another effective home remedy for diarrhea. It supplies water to combat dehydration, replenishes sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, and magnesium, supplies pectin and coats the intestine to allay inflammation. It also checks the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria and prevents vomiting. Half a kilogram of carrots may be cooked in 150 ml of water until they become soft. The pulp should be strained and enough boiled water added to it to make a litre. Three quarters of a tablespoon of salt may be added. This soup should be given in small amounts to the patient every half an hour.
Mash a tender, just ready to eat banana (not over-ripe) and have with a cup of milk twice a day. It useful in diarrhea and dysentery.
Fenugreek leaves are useful in diarrhea. One teaspoon of seeds which have been boiled and fried in butter should be taken with a cup of buttermilk twice daily. They are valuable in allaying biliousness. The seeds are also beneficial in the treatment of this disease.
In case of diarrhea caused by indigestion, dry or fresh ginger is very useful. A piece of dry ginger should be powdered along with a crystal of rock salt, and quarter of a teaspoon of this powder should be taken with a small piece of jaggery. It will bring quick relief as ginger, being carminative, aids digestion by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.
Mint juice is also beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea. One teaspoon of fresh mint juice, mixed with a teaspoon each of lime juice and honey, can be given thrice daily with excellent results in the treatment of this disease.
The juice of bottle gourd is a valuable medicine for excessive thirst due to severe diarrhea. A glass of plain juice with a pinch of salt should be taken every day in treating this condition .
The juice of fresh leaves of drumstick is also valuable in diarrhea. A teaspoon of this juice, mixed with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of tender coconut water, can be given two to three times as a herbal medicine in the treatment of diarrhea.
The pomegranate has proved beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea on account of its astringent properties. If the patient develops weakness due to profuse and continuous purging, he should repeatedly be given about 50 ml of pomegranate juice to drink. This will control the diarrhea.
Mango seeds are valuable in diarrhea. The seeds should be collected during the mango season, dried in the shade and powdered, and kept stored for use as a medicine when required. A dose of about one and a half to two grams with or without honey, should be administered twice daily.
Boil an unripe banana with the skin on. Let it simmer for 3-4 minutes on a low fire. Remove the skin of the banana and slice it. Heat two teaspoons of ghee in a vessel, splutter 2-3 cloves and add the sliced banana. Add one-fourth of a teaspoon of turmeric, one-fourth to half a teaspoon of rock salt, half a teaspoon of ground coriander seeds, and a tablespoon of yoghurt, or a cup of buttermilk. Cover and cook for a while. The unripe plantain or banana is astringent and antibilious.
Sesame seeds are helpful in the treatment of this condition. Two tablespoons of the seeds should be lightly roasted in a frying pan. They should then be ground into a fine powder and mixed with one tablespoon of cow’s ghee. The mass should be divided into three parts and each part should be taken with half a cup of boiled goat’s milk thrice daily for six days by the patients. It acts as an excellent medicine in this condition.
Slice a tender, just ready-to-eat plantain, sprinkle rock salt on it for taste and smear half a tablespoon of tamarind pulp on it. Mix and have it twice a day.
Turmeric has proved to be another valuable home remedy for diarrhea. It is a very useful intestinal antiseptic. It is also a gastric stimulant and tonic. One teaspoon of fresh turmeric rhizome juice or one teaspoon of dry rhizome powder may be taken in one cup of buttermilk or plain water.
Take a teaspoon of the dry powdered bark of the banyan tree. Make an infusion using a glass of hot water. Let it steep for a while. This water is ‘cooling’ and helps control diarrhea. Take half a glass of this infusion twice a day.
Crush a handful of fresh curry leaves. Grind them to a paste. Add one-fourth of a cup of water. Strain and have this curry-leaf juice with a teaspoon of honey once or twice a day. Chewing a few curry leaves twice a day will also help.
Summer diarrheas are usually self-limiting and need fluid replacement more than medicine. Drinking ORS (oral rehydrating solution) and eating the fresh, tender kernels of water chestnuts, known as shinghara, either fresh, boiled or roasted, with buttermilk, provides nourishment as well as fluid and minerals. This too has a binding action.


You won’t believe it but a bit of weed makes the cramping go away almost instantly. After a toke while I had one bowel movement 5 minutes after, with a bit of cramping, its now been an hour! Had to share, cuz i was up all night going at least every 20 minutes, after waking up to cramps.


Blackberry juice or wine


a blackberry based product diarsoothe. stopped ecoli and ibs-d


Eating apple or pomengrnate is helpful


In most cases when a touch of ‘the runs’ has come my way, promptly taking a few probiotic capsules soon restores normalcy, by helping to promote healthy digestive flora which competes against the bad bacteria etc.

Once when without the above option, was led to make relatively large portion of rather dry and plain oatmeal (whole oat kind), and forced myself to down it all at one sitting – idea being that such would act sort of like a sponge to absorb and carry away whatever was causing the digestive disruption.
Thankfully, it also worked well.


Blackberry Diarsoothe. It’s a really tart liquid. I add sweetner, is too tart to get down otherwise. honey or diet sweetners work fine. good for e-colia and diarrhea w/ibs. needed to drink about a 1/2 cup to a cup. worked fast.


Great resolve for diarrhea is diarsoothe. works great for ibs-d, too. only takes a few days, and stops cramps, colon spasms.


Eat one tablespoon of flour.used since I was a child.if that’s hard for you,mix it in a little water


I had horrible diarrhea, ibs-d, and at a different time, e-coli, twice! There’s a blackberry liquid remedy, a few companies may have it, but I’m familiar with Diarsoothe. My colon spasms were terrible, and couldn’t get my sweet little guy out of the house to play, or just shop. I kept losing weight, too. I was given this remedy and thought it was too simple. But it really works. It does take 2 days to kick in, but my family now uses it, as well as some other aquaintances. You can easily get it on amazon, and it’s in some health food stores.


Apple cider vinegar kills the bacteria that causes diarrhea.

1 tablespoon in a cup of hot water please.dont.add.sugar it makes things worse.

Drink as soon as you realize you have diarrhea. 3 cups a day one with each meal should eliminate it within a day or two. Also wait an hour and a half after youve drank the acv and hot water or tea then take Acidophilus pills or eat cultured yogurt to replenish the good bacteria in your stomach, you have to wait at least an hour after the acv so the vinegar doesnt kill the good bacteria in the yogurt.


1)Eat Guava (a type of tropical fruit) or drink guava juice (can be purchased at the supermarket)
Alternatively, we can boil the leaves of the guava tree in water and drink the water


Chazuke,a Japanese rice soup. The rice bulks up the stool, the water replaces fluids lost, the broth replenishes electrolytes lost, and the toppings add flavor.


When any of my nieces has diarrhea, my mom has them follow what’s known as the B.R.A.T. diet to help them feel better.

B.R.A.T. stands for:
Apples and


Two tbs of flour n water it also works just steer n drink


Try custard powder mixed with water and drink in one gulp. It really helps! ! !


String Cheese and Sprite or 7 up and Crackers take my word this accually works I use it when it happens to me and it over in a day before the night or before I go to sleep try it


ok this might sound wierd but burnt toast really works. and if you dont like the taste you can scrapre the burnt part into water so you dont taste it and it still has the same effect:D


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