Diabetic Fungus 02 Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Del Mundo

This rememdy should be used by doctors who have patients who have nueropathy on legs for diabetics. Indian REsearch scientist claims this is used in India.

Take a small trash can or container that will cover leg up to the the knee almost. fill with warm not hot water. Place two cups and epson salt and 1 cup or two cup of hydrogen peroxide depending on how much water is covering the leg. Soak the feet or leg, soak for at least 15-3o minutes. REmoved – pat dry, place honey on dried leg, DO not do this on leg with OPEN WOUNDS- REpear this several times a week at least x. See the difference. Look up on inernet is you are a in question. Additional Placing Manuka Honey on legs is used on wound care for those diabetic people who do have open wounds. Manuka Honey is pure and has healing property beyond belief. Finish off with Aolvera cream or fresh olvera strips from actual plane which have been refrigerated. You cannot believe the relief this brings, Wrap open wounds to prevent infection. Good Luck

Patti M.


I used white iodine and apple cider vinegar. I prop my affected foot up on the ‘john’ and poured the solutions over my toe that had the fungus. I had tried prescriptions with no luck. This worked like a charm.


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