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From personal experience I know how horrible the eczema can be. I’ve used alot of creams and lotions, but what really helped. The cream calls Eczur.


After ten, long, torturous years: painful, cracked, bleeding heels and feet; my wife, fed up with the grease from steroid creams etc and blood all over the sheets and towels made me take this old cure from a recipe that she had found in an old book of naturalistic remedies.

I was sceptical at first but after three days of treatment my heels stopped bleeding. The before pic is one taken after two weeks of treatment. Wished we’d taken more photos at the start-my cracked heels were impressive.
It took a few months but slowly all my eczema started to come off. And stayed off.
Recently after some work stress I could feel my feet starting to get worse, but a few days of remedy soon cured it.
This summer will be the first that I have worn my sandals outside the house. No more hiding for me!
Unfortunately I cannot upload pictures here.

Please email me [email protected] if interested. I will send you the pictures of my foot taken before and after.


The MOST effective remedy I’ve ever tried is taking purified fish oil daily. This is an internal remedy and will take time, be patient. Nothing topical will work long term because this is an internal problem. Anything with high concentrations of Omega Fatty Acids will help. You could try Flax seed or Primrose Seed oil as well but I’ve had the best results with Purified Fish oil.


I have been putting up with contact dermatitis for a few months. I tried all the creams the doctors prescribed to no avail. I read about Apple Cider Vinegar. You apply it directly to the area. Let it soak in then you can gently wash off lightly with water. Also drink 2tablespoons in water morning and night. I have also used it on my face as a cleanser. My hands have healed (still a little wrinkly), my face is clearer then ever and my hair is softer! WOW!!! What a relief!


See DocBob home cure .com website. This is a naturally occuring botanical extract that holds a U.S. patent. It has been subjected to true medical trials and shown to be beneficial in reducing the severity and duration of contact irritant dermatitis’Rhus dermatitis’ (poison ivy,oak,sumac). It will also dry up the lesions associated with cold sores(Herpes Oralis). It has ben used on pets as well for dry and moist skin irritations.


Take chickweed, dandelion, red clover, Redmond clay, and yellow dock in capsule form.


Apply cod liver oil, vitamin E oil, or aloe vera gel to affected areas.


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