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this site is lacking when it comes to depression advice for sure.
I have physical issues that prevent me from doing some of these activity’s ie exercising because it will take your mind off it, or meditation this doesnt work with people with adhd or other aliments.
I find most cures to be stupid or temporary at best.
Ive had therapy and drugs they do nothing.
I think the best one on here has been sleeping through it take a sleep aid and just conk your brain or mind out that way its not so bad.I do also agree pets help to some extent ,I find reading somewhat helps or watching a movie or tv just something that wont bring you down again (dont watch shows about other peoples lives being better then yours)Play a online or computer game.
I found the suicide hotline a joke so if you want someone to talk to best bet ive found is blah therapy,as friends arent always a good idea some will call you to depressive and ditch you for venting, family can too cause worst depression or stress.
I also find journal writing about it can help even if its just why your depressed.


Depression a feeling of sadness where High levels of substance abuse in combination with mental ill-health may also result in depression. Life events, social factors or extreme transitions are also common causes. To help you all to overcome this all life tracking counselling psychotherapist is there where they help an individual to form a more positive outlook on life and can help the person identify actions or interactions that are only making the depression worse.


Knowing that Allaah is our creator and sustainer is a HUGE relief when going through hardships. Nothing happens except by His will and power. He created us to worship Him alone and to seek His pleasure and His paradise. This is Islaam. This is the true message from our creator telling us how to live our lives. Put your trust in the owner of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them and you shall not be foresaken!


This may seem odd but it works wonders at healing at rehab facilities: Pets. When I have been at my darkest (and it’s been dark), having my pets to sit with me quietly and non-judgmentally is a sort of bolster. Studies have proven that just petting an animal lowers the blood pressure. It also distracts from yourself. A cat’s purr is also theraputic. The additional bonus is when things turn truly dark and detrimental thoughts creep in, the responsibility for the pet can keep you on this side of the veil. I have found it is a tether to pull me back. Again, I know it seems an odd thing but it really helps in many ways. When I got my cat, he really became a fantastic therapy.


I spent over 2 hours writing this and looking up accurate information, so please take a minute to read if you need guidance on depression. I first started writing as a response to someone saying that anti depressiants work and people on here shouldnt be knocking it when it effectively treats something serious…. Hope you enjoy 🙂

I have been suicidal, both of my parents commited suicide, so I know how it feels to be depressed. Depressed for years. Chemacally imballanced. Yes it is a chemical imbalance… Let me explain how anti deppressants work in the first place. There are chemicals stored in neurons that effect our mood and basic human functions like wanting to eat or to be sexual. Anti depressants work by either 1 blocking a part of the neurotransmitter from eating left over serotonin so there is more floating around to be eaten properly or 2 by binding itself to something serotonin usually binds to, so it floats around as well. This process of chemical exchange is how we recall memories, know that we are seriously injured, cut the tomato perfectly, walk or write. Little messages sent in chemical form, being sent from one neuron to the next until you are doing/feeling those things. When we decide to walk without a slouch, write differently, learn to back up the truck, new neural pasages are being made with different chemicals being sent. It usually takes practice but with effort you can learn to be or do something different, and as you learn the pasageway gets more refined and easier to transmit the chemical message back to the brain. This process can also be done with unruly emotions.

Emotions, especially negative ones, are made from a slew of thoughts and situational events that bring internal justification. ex: ‘I think I’m fat, that sucks and its hard as it is. The other day I accidentally nudged this guy and he called me a fat ass. What an asshole! But I guess he was right.’ This shows internal thought ‘i think im fat’, event ‘nudged this guy and he called me a fat ass’ and justification ‘he was right’. Wheather the situation was deserving of negativity or not, this type or talking or internal talking is not ok- it always leads to anger/sadness/stress/anxiety. And believe me, I’m saying this with my past experience of my parents choosing to leave me alone to fend for myself in this world. I was justified in being depressed, justified in my suicidal thoughts, justified in hating the world that made my parents hurt like it did me. But one day I realized something… It wasnt the world doing this to me, it was ME doing this to me. Somewhere in the back of my head I told myself it was ok for me to have hate and bitterness towards the world because of my painful experiences. That’s just NOT TRUE! I’ve never taken anti depressants. Thought about it. Also thought about how sad my story was. Thought about how mad I was that others were so privilaged.

I thought about taking an instant fix thing, but I knew that anti depressants arent fully understood by doctors, either. Not to mention they dont even ensure that good chemicals are even being absorbed; they just block a part of the neuron.

I first realized that I could overcome my intense depression (that i had before my parents died… obviously it can be genetic) with MEDITATION. Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind on one thing only (guided meditation, fire, the sky, making colors with the mind). When you do it long enough your brain vibrates at a level it does when you are sleeping (yes your brain always vibrates, more for being awake, even more for alert and less for sleeping, and even less for REM sleep). So- meditating brings your awake mind to the subconscious sleep mind(where your dreams are made). Meditaion helps with anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, and more! I think it is because if we relax our thinking part of the brain (that we use when we are awake and thinking) without sleeping, we are able to somehow balance our subconscious issues that we arent fully aware of. Think of the brain as a muscle and we use it all the time for thinking and powering our bodies, and yet we know that there are all sorts of psychological issues in our subconscious that we dont really know how to grasp and deal with—- and that’s because the subconscious doesnt think or use logic like the other part of the brain! You cant think until you solve a subconscious problem! That part of the brain doesnt work that way. So back to the brain being a muscle- we exercise our thinking brain when we are awake because we are always thinking. But, we dont ever spend time awake, actively thinking of nothing! There is a whole other part of the brain we can exercise by quieting the mind (and if you dont think its an exercise, then try it- and i bet you’ll find yourself feeling like a toddler in a school chair![: ). People everywhere who give it an honest try (and dont just stop because it feels boring/silly/ too hard) will tell you and everyone that it works! Issues melt away, as you are able to deal with issues with more peace and let go of old baggage.

That is a tried and true way to help depression, starting from where depression starts; in the brain. It took a lot of experiences and thought to get progressively more sad/mad, so it wont be a miracle that will erase those thought patterns. Like loosing weight, there is no miracle pill that keeps you in optimum health while sheadding the pounds- the only way for those both to happen is to eat healthy and exercise. It may be old school, but it’s more effective than anything else, and you earn being happy by working through your issues instead of synthetically keeping yourself from being sad.

I dont mean that people who do take anti depressants are stupid at all. It’s smart to get help and people who are on them have sought help and that’s what was given to treat it. A pill is better than having nothing. However, it is like training wheels. Its fine in my book to use them while you are finding yourself, dealing with the past, and learning how to over come these emotions. BUT, they are Not Ok to use forever for depression. Just like you’d never let your kid go his whole life riding a bike with training wheels. It is an effective tool in the short term, as an aid to get you from point A (uncontrollably depressed), to point B (has tools to deal with sadness, and uses them) and THAT’S IT.
Also- not saying those of you who do use it like this is wrong. I only think it’s wrong if you know there are ways to learn how to be happy, but decide not to put in the work.

ANYWAYS- there are lots of ways to retrain your thoughts etc so please just check out some of the links ive left so you can decide for yourself. I’m a different person today I love people, I dont judge- everyone has their own path, and I own up to the responsibility of keeping my brain positive ( because i know now that its my responsibility) and I’m JUST SO HAPPY! really. 🙂

Love and light!

since i cant give links, google ‘detox brain’ and lots of things will come up

including Dr Leaf’s program that is very interesting and packed with facts (aside from the phrases about god)

drleaf dot com slash thoughtlife

google ‘negative emotions arizona advanced medicine’ and click on the first link (that isnt an ad)- it is very informative both scientifically and spiritually


Saffron is powerful natural depression remedy. This believe comes from Iran, the home of saffron. whenever you feel down and a little depressed, take a small pinch of saffron mix it with hot/boiled water just like if you are making tea. It will delight your day and you will start laughing to every little joke around you 🙂 make sure you find original saffron though because there is so much of these artificial or not a good quality saffrons out there.


Meditation is also a common form of natural remedies that can greatly help people with anxiety and depression. There are various forms of meditation and its basic concept would be to relax the mind and body to lift the feelings of depression or anxiety. Today, one can find a range of books, CDs and DVDs that can help you in grasping the essence of meditation and how you can use it.


People who denigrate modern anti-depressants are doing a great disservice to those who suffer so terribly from a condition which essentially is the result of a chemical imbalance. If you had diabetes most people wouldn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the ‘chemical fix’ of taking insulin. A deep depression is a state of mind that those who haven’t experienced it can hardly imagine. I know that, I’ve been there. Especially if you’re contemplating suicide… what have you got to lose? Don’t be a victim, take action. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist and see what that can do for you. The new stuff won’t make you feel dopey, it will rebalance your system so you can feel content and normal as you may have felt in the past. Don’t worry, you’ll still be yourself. Good luck and God bless.

Jo English

My daughter suffers from sever boughts of depression out of the blue. She will be just sitting and bust out crying for no reason and when you ask her what’s wrong she says she doesn’t know. We have her on anti depressants which help very much but she still has these boughts from time to time. I read somewhere once that caffine is good for depression and started keeping chocolate bars in the fridge for her. I also make her tea. These two things seem to help lessen the attacks from strong to weak. She feels one coming on and runs for a candy bar right away. The sooner she gets the caffine the quicker she is out of the danger zone of a bad attack.


I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and was on many different medications to try to fix it but just made me tired, and I was still antisocial and unable to show emotion although I was feeling it. This is going to sound odd but since because wheat products amongst other gluten containing things are so genetically modified over the years, people are starting to show many different side affects of what is used now called dwarf wheat that was created in I think the 1950’s to help cure world hunger. There are over 100 different side affects of gluten intolerance and this is one of them. A MAJOR one! After doing many hours upon hours of research and reading the book Wheat Belly I went gluten free. It was a very hard lifestyle change, but within the first couple months I had no longer needed medication, had increased energy, became happy again, and most important started to become more active in my nephew’s life!! This may not be a cure for everybody, but this helped me and I am just as happy and have the amount of energy that I did 20 years ago. That book is a must read, and look it up online the link between gluten and depression. Give it a try for a couple months and if it doesn’t help then research another route that may be helpful. Its worth your mental and physical health to at least try it. Its hard but there are MANY gluten free alternatives out there like pastas, breads (Udi’s is best I found), PIZZA…


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