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October 29, 2017
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October 29, 2017
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Dental Pain 03 Home Remedies

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If you have a open tooth and the nerve is exposed. Take a raw candle and put a peace in a spoon. Slowly melt it so it does not burn. Once it starts to get hard again ball it up (while still soft and warm) insert it into the open tooth. Usually last a few days to a week depending on if it’s a chewing tooth. Also to help more crush up some clove (into a powder) and mix with melted wax.


I suffer from tooth ach at nights, which is annoying. iv tried a couple of stuff like migraine tablets it work with throbbing teeth and wisdom teeth. iv also tried 2 cups of vodka and red bull before I went to bed. it help a lot with me. iv brush my sare teeth because theirs bits of food could be causing the sare tooth and afterwards I get a cup with warm water and add 1tea spoon of salt and mix it in and gargle for 10s and spit it out, the pain goes away in 5-10 mins,it helps with bacteria. iv use bonjela adult iv put it on my sore tooth which it did work for a couple of times. the one thing that finally worked was oregano oil I got from a herbal shop. I applied it directly to the swollen area and tooth then swallowed the run off .finally 48 hours minimal pain just a slight ache every now and then. hot tea bag directly to the tooth. Tea contains tannic acid, which reduces swelling. Other solutions: A cucumber slice placed on the tooth or a cotton ball soaked in brandy – alcohol has numbing properties, too


menthol swan tips; for abscess or just for pain relief, comfortable, not a long term cure; just enough to send you to bed


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