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October 29, 2017
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October 29, 2017
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Ginsavitus: my dentist told me I had it and it would take months to get rid of it in a weekly visits @ $100. a pop. I was later talking with another doctor about the problem, and he said that was an anorbic bacteria and a drug called “Flagel or Flaggel” would kill it. well I got him to prescribe it. I took it for a week(it was nasty on my stomach) and went back to my dentist. they put some kind of dye on my gums to detect it and there was no sigh of the bacteria. That left them scratching there heads. After a while the dentist confronted me and asked “whats going on”. I told what the other doctor said and that he also said there was an article about it in “JAMA” and should do more reading instead of ripping off. I keeo after my teeth a lot more and it hasn’t come back!

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I have no dental insurance and broke a tooth which abscessed, and 5 others that got infection and need to be pulled. I went to my dentist and he sent directly to the oral surgeon. I was told it will be like over 2 gran to have all the work done. I went online and was looking for dental help and found a dental savings plan, it worked great, it cost me $134.95 for a year, it had to be paid all at once, but I was told I had to pay the oral surgeon $240.00 for the consultation and with this plan I had to pay $61.00, and the over 2 gran comes down to around $900 to $1000.00, I was in total shock!!!! I bought the cigna plus plan, the lady at the doctor’s office told me these plans are great but not a lot of people know about them, and she said the cigna and atena plans are the better ones and save you the most. For those of you with no insurance google or you can call 800-830-3131, if any of you buy 1, please use my reference number as it will give me a free month of insurance. My reference number is 22A58K443, I don’t work for them or know much about them other than they saved me a lot of money, and if you don’t like them you can get a full refund with in the first 30 days. I will be keeping my plan because my dentist said it is well worth it and it will save me a lot of money. if you do buy a plan please use my ref number I gave you, like I said it will give me a free month of insurance, and if you sign up they will give you a reference number and you can tell your friends and family about it and it will give you free months of insurance also. Thanks, and here is to no more pain due to our teeth!!!


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