Day 1 of Quitting Smoking Does Not Have to be Hard



How difficult day 1 is when quitting smoking really depends on how long you’ve been smoking, how many cigarettes you smoke each day and (most importantly) your thoughts around smoking and quitting smoking.

Get the last one right and quitting smoking on day 1 does not have to be hard. Here’s why:

Lots of people overwhelm themselves with the idea that quitting smoking is tough, or it would be such a big change going from smoking to not smoking, especially for heavy smokers. Or because they failed to quit many times before and think they will fail again. All this de-motivates you and makes the quitting process harder, and results in half-hearted attempts to quit.

But you’ve heard the saying: “it’s easy when you know how”… If you go about quitting smoking in the right way, it will be easy.

How can you make day 1 easier?

Play close attention to how you are thinking about smoking, you may feel deprived at the thought of not smoking ever again. In that case, see how smoking really is… it does nothing for you.

Play close attention to how you think about quitting smoking. There are many triggers to start you smoking again… with a coffee, with alcohol, after eating, when stressed… the list goes on. Instead of thinking you need a cigarette in these situations, think of all the (better) reasons why you don’t. You coped ok before you became a smoker with no problems, so why not now.

Keep repeating and reminding yourself of all the reasons why smoking is bad and why you don’t need to smoke. This will make you want to be a non-smoker more than you want to be a smoker. Think how a non-smoker thinks, the complete opposite of you… why not change your thinking to be like theirs?

If you do all the above, you are creating a new habit, a new way of thinking that starts to become the norm just as the old bad habits did.

You will wonder how you couldn’t see all this about smoking and quitting before, and see how easy it really is to quit smoking.

When you know how to quit smoking you are more confident that you will succeed, which motivates you more, so you persist more, leading to a higher likelihood of success.

If you still feel overwhelmed, start with half a day to begin with and build it up from there. Success from that will give you confidence to go a whole day, then 2 days, and so on.

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