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Daily Supplements Which Prevent or Even Treat Asthma



Asthmatics need proper treatment in order to cope with their ailment. They need their medication as well as an inhaler to help them make it through the day. However, their body also needs much more vitamins and minerals which shall strengthen it and give it energy to stay active all day long. This is why, taking supplements is advisable if you suffer from asthma.

Not all the supplements are suitable for asthma patients and not all of them have any effect in treating or alleviating this condition. The proper supplements must necessary contain antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and selenium. Vitamin C, which is a very effective antihistaminic, must also be included in the daily recipe of supplements. These vitamins will decrease the occurrence of the asthma attacks and alleviate their symptoms when they do occur.

Fish oil, if taken daily is great as anti-inflammatory, so include 2 or 4 mg of fish oil into your diet, too. Also magnesium, glutamine and pantothenic acid are also substances which should be supplemented if you suffer from asthma. They will not only protect your body from the outer factors, but they will also prevent the occurrence of asthma attack.

A complex of vitamins and minerals is also necessary to support the body. This complex should include folic acid, the Vitamin B complex and zinc. These substances are more likely to miss from an asthmatic’s body or their quantity is relatively low, so they will need to be supplemented in order for the body to function properly.

In order to find out which is the perfect recipe for your body and which of these supplements you will have to take, it is advisable that you first take some blood tests and see what your body lacks the most. According to the results given by those tests, a doctor will be able to prescribe you the necessary amount of substances that you will have to take each day so that your body can work normally day after day. Do not let asthma rule your life when you can take some daily supplements and feel great all day long. 

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