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Cuts and Scratches 10 Home Remedies

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I’ve had my fair share of cuts. And if you need a quick solution to make them stop bleeding, this has worked for me.

I grab some hairspray and just spray it on, wipe off the excess, and repeat if necessary.

Please note, this is not the best solution! If you have a cut and have the time to wait for it to stop bleeding, please just apply pressure and wait. Putting stuff on the cut when your in a hurry is okay, but the best thing to do is wait it out.

Hairspray gets the job done but please remember it wont feel good. But it takes care of it til you can get a bandaid.

*If the cut was not accidental, please, just hang in there. If you think no one cares, know that at the very least, I care. I promise there are people here for you. Stay strong.*


One of my favorites(after washing/cleaning if necessary)is to find some fresh pine, fir, cedar, or juniper sap and smear it over cut/scratch. Then to keep treated spot from sticking to everything – cover with either a piece of clean cloth/tissue/napkin/paper towel or powdered herb,flour,cornstarch, etc.

If there’s one of those conifer trees nearby the sap (if not already oozing out anywhere), can be obtained by either cutting off a live branch, or stripping away a small section of the bark on the trunk. It usually takes a little while for the sap to run out… sometimes a small cup can be tied/wired up to catch it. Apply with a clean small stick or toothpick to avoid getting it on fingers. It can be left on and will slowly wear/wash off.

Is especially good when cut is in a place which keep being flexed, like on a finger – it kinda keeps it ‘glued together’.

Also is there’s a thick calloused skin on the edges of the cut taking a small scissors and trimming it down to be thinner will help cut to close and not reopen.


Apply Aloe vera gel (Fresh or processed)
on the wound 2-3 times a day


Instead of stitches try this. After rinsing and drying a deep wound, crack an egg, empty the egg into a cup, crack a corner of the shell enabling you to peel a strip of the skin inside the shell. Place this skin, unrinsed, onto the wound dabbing it gently with your fingertip so it will stick. The egg skin will begin to dry immediately, pulling the cut together and will form a shell like bandaid that stays put. To remove simply wet the strip and it will slide off. Really heals deep wounds without stitches.


This is what my Dad used to do.. Sounds Crazy but.. Put super Glue on top of the cut… The hold together. Then its should sting a little but not much. Good luck. This always helped me.

Leah RN

My father cut between thumb and index a nice 4 inch cut, maybe 1 inch deep. All he put on it was fresh aloe vera every day; morning and night-tied with scarf. Minimal scar, no infection, no sutures. He had no insurance, so didn’t visit ER,as an RN- I’m well aware of the risk of infection, for so deep a cut; he continued his work in the construction field, and yet it healed perfectly. I believe his faith(in the aloe vera plant) was a strong catalyst to his recovery. Happened when I was a child 12 but I remember clearly. I use it for myself, and recommend to patients I come across. Do not disregard medical attention for any severe situation ( like my fathers )always seek medical help.


If your cut is bleeding, get the cleanest fabric (leaf works if out doors) and apply as much pressure as possible to the wound and continue to do so until the bleeding stops.

Alternative to Stitches

Okay now this one is very old, my great grandmother was an old german witch doctor, and she brought it over from europe back in the 1800’s and it works.

I own a manufacturing business, and i keep a small colony of black widow spiders in my shop, this is the reason.

If you cut yourself, and it can be anything from a shallow cut, to a deep gash where an artery is shooting blood 6 feet accross the room, grab a handful of spider webs, and slap them on the cut. Theres something in the web that will coagluate the blood almost instantly, and the fibers in the web end up stitching the cut together, and its generally gone in about 3 days.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who’s prone to infections, as the webs aren’t necessarily clean or sterile, but for anyone who’s not, this can be an immediate and effective solution.



For Cuts and Wounds, dab Asafoetida powder on the wound, It has natural antibacterial properties, and controls bleeding, works fine for Diabetic patients also.


For an antibacterial ointment for a cut or wound, dab a little honey onto the area. Honey contains a natural antibiotic that has proved effective against organisms that cause infections.


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