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Crying Children 10 Home Remedies

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Gma Sharon

My family used on a tired, very angry crying some times hungry child a sucker or lolly pop. It shuts them up after a couple minutes. It resolves their low blood sugar if thats an issue. Sugar is soothing thats why people enjoy it so. My gchild i came in to baby sit her and she was screaming her head off. some one had her besides her mother didn’t know what to do with her to sooth her. Saying do you miss your mommy doesn’t do it. ha:-) She was also hungry too. Mine use to cry because he had tummy fullness. 1 oz of 7 up use to do it after his dinner. he loved it It was his kiddy cocktail in his baby bottle. My sister use to give a crying child by holding a little candy cane to suck on a couple minutes usually that took care of it too. It settled their stomach.

Alvina Reagan

The baby who cries a lot and won’t sleep whole night could be calmed by using a home product babies magic tea. It’s an organic and preservative-free tea.


I have an adorable little girl that is constantly fussy/crying, especially around bedtime. Have taken her to the doctor and tried everything from warm baths to standing on my head. Nothing worked. Was talking to my granny about it and she said to try onion water. Cut up 1/2 of an onion, (small and white or yellow) boil in 1/4 Cups of water. Strain and let cool. Place in the fridge for storage. Give your child 3-5 DROPS of the onion juice before bed and you will see a HUGE difference. Stays good for up to 3 months.
*You may add one Tablespoon of honey for taste for toddlers over the age of one year old. Doing this for children any younger, however, is harmful. There are enzymes in the honey that cannot be digested and may cause problems.*


I am 10 years old, when I cry I go ride my horses. If you don’t have horses, go lay down, (the coolness of a pillow helps me), read a book, or, hug someone you love!

( The best remedy is love, my horses, dog, and family show it to me when I need it and when I don’t!)


I sing to them a lollabye or read to them (with excitement) they will stop crying and give you their eager attention, or they might just drift off to a peacful sleep.


if you have a crying infant, just take them to the sink and turn the water on. the sounds from the rushing water might remind the baby of the womb which is like baby heaven


Whenever my 3 year old son starts to cry, I will tell him that my feelings are hurt too and then I pretend to cry. He is so sensitive and hates for other people to be hurt that he immediately stops crying to comfort me! Try this with your children. It usually takes their mind off of themselves.


Depending on why the child is crying, there area lot of remedies.

If it is an earache, either use a warm washcloth on the ear itself, or warm up some oil (vegtable or olive) and using a Qtip, drop a few drops of the warm oil into the ear. This has always been used for me, and it works wonders until you can see a doctor.

It could be gas pains, in which simply patting the back could work, and I agree with the holding the child and vacumning technique. Just prop the child on your hip and vacumn the house. Sometimes it is the combination of the movements with the soothing sounds that helps tremendously.

If nothing else works, sometimes a child just has to cry. As long as they arent hurt, and you have tried everything, let them cry themselves out, eventually they will fall asleep. This is not neglect or child abuse if you have already determined that nothign could possibly be wrong with them. Good Luck!


Simple remedy: I simply told my son as I tickled the crud out of him (he’s very ticklish anyway) that he couldn’t cry if he was laughing. He’s nearly 11 now but it worked since he was an infant and he even tries it on my me on my ‘blue’ days.


Crying Children:

For an earache, just turn a hairdryer on low, and hold it a good foot or so away from the babys ear. this usually calms down a baby who has an earache. Just a few minutes, maybe 10 at the most. I dont know if its the warmth or the sound, but it works.

Running the vaccum cleaner can also help with babies, too.

Sometimes ‘cry it out’ is the best remedy, if you use it consistently for a week or so. Babies usually need to learn to pacify themselves. Children, too, sometimes. Even with shots. Acknowledge their pain. Saying ‘That hurts’ shuts my kid right up, within minutes of a shot. If I told him ‘Stop crying- its not THAT bad’ then he would continue crying, but only because his feelings werent acknowledged, and this can also have a long term effect, too, making them feel like you dont care about their feelings.

Be sure to check on the children every few minutes, and make sure there is not something seriously wrong, like an injury.

I like to avoid the crying altogether. I suggest ‘How to talk so Kids will listen and Listen so kids will talk’. Its a great book, and it helped me and many friends of mine a lot.


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