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I have had constant cramps for the past 18 months due to kidney failure. I have been drinking one glass of tonic water for the past 5 days, I have not had a single cramp! Its amazing, no wonder its called ‘tonic’ water!


If you want instant relief from musel cramps, get a bar of soap, any will work except dove I think, and just smell it, get a good whiff of the soap up your nose, and instant relief.


I went to Sam s Club looking for pastries. They were giving free food samples. One was a drink. I was nt interested until the person said ‘it will take away your cramps’. That caught my attention because my 87 yr old mom was suffering from leg /thigh cramps to the point of extreme torture. I bought the product which is a powder in 30 small packets you dissolve in water and that same night after just one packet her cramps were gone, completely. It s called ECO DRINK. Also sold in costsco s. Best Wishes.


I used to have leg cramps for many years, but since I use MORINGA 5000 mg as multivitamin supplement , I don’t have it any more . My mom is too.


I started my ‘stuff’ in 5th grade and I had AWFUL cramps. My teacher said that by slightly pinching the meaty part in between your index and thumb, it helps sooth cramps and temple headaches. My cramps were gone instantly!


For those awful leg cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night/in the morning, eat about a quarter sized amount of regular salt and the cramp goes away instantly.


To prevent leg and foot cramps, I have found that sleeping with a few wine corks helps alot.They are now difficult to come across now as most wine bottles are screw top.


I had a major leg cramp, it was so bad that I was close to crying. My sister suggested a tbs of mustard and presto… My leg cramp was gone almost instantly!

Anne A

A leading gynecologist told me to take 100mg of vitamin B6 every day & it has made the biggest difference in my life. No more PMT symptoms including cramps. I have passed this on to countless friends, who have all benefited from this.


A teaspoonof mustard works great. Also try DARK chocolate.


A heaped teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a medium size glass of water will ease leg cramps within a minute.


For those of you women who suffer from extreme menstral cramps, try taking a drive. For some reason the movement or vibration of the car calmed me down and made me feel a ton better.


I live by myself and away from family including my bf who is half way across the world, I’m sometimes in vomit inducing pain, here is what I use to help get over it. I often don’t have the want/ability to exercise until near the end of these steps.

-drugs(aleve,motrin,midol etc.) use appropriate strength for your pain with water at room temperature
-chamomile tea or if you don’t have tea- hot water. if you can, get up and do this if not get someone to, if not skip it. I often skip it b/c at this point I’m in too much pain to get to the kitchen-unless my mom is around to get it for me šŸ™‚
– and since youre pacing it b/c its probs too hot, curl up with back covered when on your side/fetal position/downward facing fetal position when in pain
-if you dont have the ability to get tea just lie down and massage your abdomen, lie in fetal position, stomach downwards&facing the bed-cover your back. nap if you can. push as if delivering a baby/do kegels when you are really feeling it. Not better or can’t nap?
-take out tampon and get into a hot bath or hot shower(sit on shower floor) let the water hit your lower back/neck/stomach. do what ever feels best, KEGELS or pushing while you massage your stomach sometimes helps. dont use any soaps, youre not there to clean yourself but rather relieve pain.
-if in bath masturbate-try with waterproof vibrator/vibrating dildo
-when ready to get out dont worry about clothes your may be in too much pain anyway to think about it-by now your pain should have alleviated- if you masturbated in the bath and use tampons, insert one now.
-wrap yourself up in the towel and go to your bed.
-if you didn’t masturbate before, masturbate now. use tampons to not worry about your sheets or use towel/pad&underwear(when done masturbating)
-heating pad(boil water while heating pad for tea)
-*OR if you don’t have a heating pad boil water in kettle, microwave or stove
(at this point your prob feeling ok enough to boil water and pour in a bottle-I prefer using an electric kettle, it has a spout(vs microwave&stove) and is quick to heat up(vs. stove top). wrap it in something or use blanket as a divider with the bottled water while its too hot.
-While you’re at it boil water for your chamomile tea/hot water to drink at a steady pace.

*Disposable plastic bottles won’t work- if it’s too hot it will distort/melt.

-Go lie down and sleep and remember COVER YOUR BACK

-If you know your period is coming have sex a day before. Have sex during your period if that works for you both.

if you do take drugs, take them as scheduled. DON’T TAKE MORE THAN NEEDED, I’ve lost count and track of time before and it was a bad time afterwards.


I have a mirical cure for those of you who have intense cramps. I suffered for a few years I’m crazy amount of pain, it hurt to move and nothing seemed to help. My brothe in-law is an OBGYN I was talking to him about hoe men are so lucky. He told me to ingest as little dairy and caffien products as possible about 4 days before I started my period (that is if you are able to predict with in a day or so when you expect your lovely gift). I live on caffeine I’m a full time student and I work 50hrs a week. So I did exactly what he said to do and I swear to you that I had close to no cramps at all, I just had an occasional pinching feeling here an there. So this definitely works, and I recommend every girl to try this (I wasn’t as tired and cloudy either). Now if you have cramps right now the best thing you can do is to take 800mg of ibuprofen, take hot hot shower and let it hit your lower back an neck. Also I have read about exercises and what not like doing half crunchs that didn’t work for me. BUT any decent OBGYN will tell you to go for a walk ( I know last thing you want to do when you feel like this). Walking or just being up and moving around relaxes those muscles because you are stretching and moving them around. Good luck ladies, please try this I promise it will help. If these things do not help or take the pain completely away GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!! I say this because unfortunately there may be more of a serious problem such as indemteryosis. Hope you feel better. Contact me if you have any questions. [email protected], I am going to school for this


I have AWFUL period cramps to where if nothing is done I’ll be in a ball screaming out tears! Here is what I’ve found. I’m an RN and of course we learned in school that magnesium is a muscle relaxant. NOTE: If you are pregnant and having cramps this advice is NOT for you, talk with your MD. So I thought what if I tried this during really terrible period cramps and it’s great! A magnesium supplement (this part is VERY important)+ ibuprofen + either hot tub or sit in shower and let hot/very warm water run over your lower abdomen. CAUTION: Follow the dosing on your magnesium supplement bottle, because I’ve seen patients with too much magnesium in their blood and if you take too much your reflexes and LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESSES will diminish and can to dangerous results! So follow directions šŸ˜‰ Magnesium relaxes my cramps and works GREAT. But just that alone doesn’t work, if you try a multimodal approach (several approaches at once like mentioned above) it controls pain better. And most importantly praying through it! šŸ™‚


I’m 11 and I didn’t get my period yet but I heard that you get cramps on your abdomin but I never had it over there I have it on my left arm. So here’s a remedy get a warm hot bottle and place it where you have cramps. Or drink caffeine drinks. Works well for me


BEFORE your period begins, take some ibprophne and stay away from salty foods!!
DURRING your period drink lots of water and hot tea, like chamomile. (I also like calm tea from Starbucks)

T. in the I.E.

For ladies w/cramps try this: Pick up a pack of Aniseed from your local market in the spice section (Stater Bros. has it, also called ‘Anise’ in Spanish). Get the pack where you can see each tiny seed (not inside the husk). Bring a small pan of distilled water (1-2 cups) to a boil. If you weigh 120-150lbs put 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) of the seed into a coffee cup, (don’t worry you can put more or less as needed) bruise(smash)the seeds a little with a spoon (bruising the seeds releases the helpful oils of the seed) and pour the seeds into the boiled water, cover and TURN OFF the flame. Let the seeds steep in the hot water for 20 mins. Use a sieve & pour into a cup & drink. You may drink up to 3 cups a day. Anise is a relaxant and an antispasmodic, improves digestion, gas and bloating, and it smells a little like licorice! Don’t add sugar or honey; you won’t need it. The hotter you drink it the better (but don’t burn your mouth, reasonably hot is good). Curl up w/a good book and enjoy! My daughter doesn’t take Pamprin anymore, now she just says ‘mom, please make me a tea’. My grandmother learned it from her mother, & we; my 3 sisters and I learned it from ours and we use it and teach it to our kids as well. I bid you good health & learning.


Remember to eat hot meals at least 3 times a day, walk or sleep, don’t sit still. Drinking coke or anything with high caffeine helps relieve the pain. *avoid using pills every time no matter how painful it is because if you get used to it, it would be hard to not have the pains go away without any pill.


I have the worst cramps ever and my teacher did this one for me and I find this really useful. Get a pickle and heat it up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. If you dont like pickle. Drink coconut juice and eat the meat of the coconut. You can find them at publix and whole food store.


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