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September 28, 2017
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I have been suffering from spontaneous cracked on the my feet for 2 years not just the heels but also the soft arch skin and ball of the foot. It is so painful like walking on glass. It starts as a itch that when scratched becomes inflamed, the inflammation then transformed into hardened skin that cracked and could take months to heal. At one point the condition began to appear on the palms of my hands and fingertips. I’ve made a fairly large investment in bandaid, creams, emollients not to mention countless hours of research. Then I found a post referring to Betametasona/Clotrimazol/Gentamicina.

THIS CREAM SAVED MY LIFE. IT WORKED IN ONE WEEK. Fortunately, I live in Los Angeles so finding a mom and pop store that sells pharmaceuticals from Mexico was easy. I paid $20 for the tube. I am going to share this through the the Internet as much as I possibly in hope that I can help others as much as this anonymous post help me. THANK YOU anonymous and the friend who gave you the cream.


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