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Rub sugar and lemon juice on your lips with a tooth brush. Add lip balm after


I know this isn’t a home remedy, but I found that using Elizabeth Arden ‘Eight hour cream’ worked good. It’s great and it even says on the tube that it helps cracked lips. It’s also good for burns etc.


For dry, cracked lips, NEVER lick your lips. Gently brush them with a wet toothbrush (no toothpaste of course). This exfoliates the skin and leaves it luscious and smooth. Right after, slather lip balm on your lips–there are many to choose from, but my favorite is EOS lip balm. Enjoy!


Dry skin and chapped lips

One of the hidden reasons for dry skin and chapped lips is vitamin D deficiency. This is often the case for people who get no relief from topical ointments and lotions. A D3 supplement over the course of about a week will take care of most issues. As for dosage, that is very individual. Most people use about 4000 (yes, four THOUSAND) IU/day.


It seems like in winter in Minnesota, any comercial product feels awful even when you are putting it on. Honey, Aloe, coconut oil are amazingly soothing but if your lips are severely dry, make sure you are getting an adequate diet/ supplimments and WATER…the petrolium based products seem to make things worse.


I had cracked lips and no remedies were working so I created my own. You’ll need
olive oil
Peanut butter
Sugar in the raw
Mix these ingredients. Take your finger (make sure your hands are clean) and gentle rub onto your lips. Only do this about once a week


I woke up two weeks ago with one side of the corner of my mouth cracked. It was so dry and painful that I couldn’t open my mouth all the way without feeling as if my whole cheek was going to split open. I’m a registered nurse, and didn’t remember from school learning any of yeast infections or drug side effects that would cause such a thing.

I assumed that I had been drooling or something in my sleep and it was simply just dry skin, so I would apply chapstick, vasaline, carmax to it several times a day. 5 days later I had no changes.

I did some internet research and read that it was due to lack of certain vitamins. I began thinking and put two and two together and noticed that I havnt been eating much lately. I am getting married next month and simply have been very stressed and food doesn’t sound good to me so I have done without.

I also read a treatment that used dish soap.

3 days ago I purchased a typical multivitamin (I actually purchased the gummies). I have been taking the recommended daily dosage, as well as before bed, taking a q-tip and pouring a little dish soap on the tip. I take the q-tip and a drop of water and swirl it around on the top of my hand and create a little soapy foam. I roll the q tip on the corner of my mouth and let it sit for a minute and wipe it off.

It is 90% better by day 3. I figure a few more days and it will be all healed.

I hope this helps someone, regardless if it doesn’t work for you, it never hurts to take a multi vitamin!!!


simply use vaseline and that should do the trick put it on any time you feel your lips getting dry and put it on before you go to bed at night


i often have cracked lip and i’m always trying new things to get my lips smooth. Here are my top three solutions for cracked lips.

3. Aloe Vera gel.
Apply generously to the lips. Once it dries, (which won’t take long) put more on and repeat until your lips feel smooth.

2. Honey.
I love using honey because it feels like it’s making healthy, when i use it.. and it tastes so damn goood!! haha. i just put heaps on and add more (because i usually have licked it all of after the first few minutes) and keep adding more until my lips are really smooth. The great thing is that, it doesn’t take long at all. 🙂

1. Paw paw cream. I loove paw paw cream. It serves multiple purposes and works great. Put as much as possible on your lips before bed and in the morning your lips should feel smooth and supple. Put on throughout the day for top-ups. Surely the #1 solution.


i suffer from cracked corners of my mouth, usually brought on by yawning too vigourously!!! Yes !!! So i find that paw paw ointment applied to the corners will fix the pain and, as it were close the cracks. Interestingly I also apply olive oil to my lips and give them a little bit of a scrub with a soft tooth brush when i find i am building skin up on my lips. This helps and is cheap


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