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Home Remedies


Jenny West

The best colic remedy I have used for my two kids in their early childhood was babies magic tea. It always soothed my girl and boy and has no preservatives at all.


My mom used this on us u get olive oil and salt mix it together rub it on the babys belly,back,legs,butt,and feet and then swaddle the baby really good she said we fell asleep just fine and stopped crying

Jim Ballidis

Try Happi Tummi, it works. Just look for the testimonials on the internet. I swear by it. Hope you find this and have a solution. You deserve a good night sleep.


Try Orange Blossom Water. One half teaspoon for infants. It is what they have been using in the Middle East for a 1000 years. You can buy it online or at a Middle Eastern Store. It works. As soon as the baby takes it, he or she will very likely pass gas and then go to sleep. I used it for my kids and so did my friends and family. Good luck and get some sleep!


We used the Juju Band for colic. It is a band that warms the tummy.

We got the baby band and used it to keep our son’s belly button dry when we changed diapers and then used it again for colic.


Hi all my mother told me that she used on my older sister when she had colic was to boil a pot of rooibos tea on the stove and keep my sister around the vapour then once it cooled down she gave it to her in a bottle-it worked.
please can i suggest you be careful of some colic medicines-my mom also tried one before the tea method and my sisters kidneys to this day are still buggered (27 years later)


Having been through all the commercial options for treating colic i turned to friends and family for traditional solutions. You take clear vegetable oil (I used canola) and you heat it through on a stove till it just starts to smoke. Let It cool down to a warm temperature then give a teaspoon of the oil to the baby three times a day before or during feeds. I usually heated enough oil to last three days. I just warmed it in the microwave just before giving my baby. It worked like magic!!!


It sounds crazy but a guy I work with told me that all three of his girls had colic and a midwife told him and his wife to put a little bit of grape jelly on the babys pacifier. sounds to good to be true but we tried it and it worked seemed a lot more simply to me than concocting some tea.


They now sell little drops that are called little tummies and work great. my daughter had horrible colic the first few months, So I boiled some chamomile tea and gave her about two ounces and it worked for her. But be sure to get the tea without caffeine.


My mother always mixed coke and water, then shook our all the fix and gave it to my kids. I worked everytime.


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