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This stuff Works miracles to heal cold sores naturally.

3 products to the lineup:

1. Outbreak Response Tablets — take them when you feel a cold sore coming on

2. Topical Fluid — put this on sores that have come up or about to come up, heals 5xs faster

3. Daily Tablets — suppresses outbreaks (now i only get 1 mild one every year)


I’ve had cold sores for decades. Nothing I tried worked, even the new expensive stuff. So I decided to create my own mixture. It worked. The next cold sore a few months later, it worked again. So I simplified my mixture to nail down the active ingredient. It worked again. Keep in mind, nothing worked in the past, except for these readily available inexpensive ingredients. Also, no skin break out at all. So, I’m going to pare down the recipe again for next time.


It worked!! Thanks to you guys! Yesterday morning, I awoke with the signs of a huge CS forming on my chin. Normally, no matter what I do, I get a monster the size of a quarter within a few days. I searched the internet for remedies and came across this jewel. I combined a number of remedies and it completely stopped! Today, I can see where it wanted to be — it would have been huge, but there was no blistering, no raised skin, no scabbing. It is dead because of these remedies. So, I will; share what I did here: When I noticed the first sign of the skin change I took 500mg Zovirax and 4,000mg Lysine. Then, I immediately began icing. The realized from reading, I needed to put the ice directly on the CS, so I did. I iced for 30 min and then I zapped it with a 9V battery! I had never tried this technique. (DO NOT ZAP AFTER ICING! ZAP BEFORE ICING!) While I believe the battery may have been one of the main reasons the CS died, one of the nodes stuck to my frozen skin and pulled off a small hole from one of the connections. I used the battery two more times that day BEFORE icing and was fine. They Key with the battery is that your skin must be wet and zap one spot only for one second, then move the nodes, zap for a second in that place and keep moving the placement of the nodes every zap. I zapped it about 9 times each treatment. Then, I put on oregano oil with a Q tip and a bandaid over it for about an hour. Then I put egg whites on it. This seemed to really calm it! An hour later, I iced it. I was able to ice about 5 times yesterday. If I hadn’t been working, I would have iced more. In the afternoon after driving in the hot sun some stress, it looked as though it might come out despite my efforts. So I went into the bathroom, used toilet paper saturated in water to drip water on my chin, then I zapped with the 9V. AFTER that, I iced it, then I put oregano oil on, let it sit for an hour with a bandaid over it, then put egg whites on… this totally neutralized it. I did this procedure one more time in the evening. I took another 4,000mg Lysine 8 hours after the first 4000 dose in the am, and 2000mg before bed. I also took another 500mg Zovirax in the afternoon and one in the evening, making three times of 500mg. Before sleeping, I put a mixture of collodial silver cream and 3 drops oregano oil on with a bandaid and let sit overnight. I woke up this morning and… there is no problemo! I am incredibly relieved that this worked! For the first time, I was able to stop one of these monsters and Ive been dealing with this for almost 20 years! There is hope. Take is t easy on your BO day and do these therapies quietly and serenely. Oh, I also drank 1 oz aloe vera juice 3x yesterday and 1 oz sea buckthorne juice 3x! Thanks everyone!


I used to get cold sores 4-5x a year and they would last a week or more. I tried the oils and alcohols and wasted money on over the counter creams but a freind of mine told me about a remedy she found on line called Salubrex. She swears the stuff completly cleared her up in two days. Ill tell you, I tried it and I would recommend this Salubrex to anyone who is suffereng from CS. I put it on as soon as I felt the tingling and in a day and a half it was gone. I havent had an oubreak in 14 months. The website says is a natural protein and a presevitive but whatever it is it works fantastic.


When I feel a coldsore coming on, I lick it quite a few times a day. The saliva somehow stops the coldsore from getting worse and clears it up within 24 hours

My theory is that saliva has some sort of antibody that clears up coldsores. When I get full blown coldsores, I still lick the coldsore, rest for a day and apply teatree oil. Try it!

Lady S

Been suffering with cold sores for years. Rarely ever get an outbreak. Got 2 big ones on my lip from excessive sun exposure. Usually I use abreva but i do not have any on hand. So i was forced to experiment. I have found that apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and carmex cold sore treatment to be effective. First i soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it to my sores for 1 minute. Next i follow with the hydrogen peroxide and carmex, i do this 4 or 5 times a day. Im on day 3 and the blisters seem to be scabbing already. There isn’t a known cure for cold sores so just treat them best you can and keep a positive attitude.


People, I pray for you all and I hope that this helps at least some of you. I suddenly started getting cold sores a year ago and since they’ve been trying to ruin my very existence as a 35 year old professional in a very public position. I have tried EVERYTHING to hide/get rid/avoid them, and while I’m down to a very minor outbreak every now and then thanks to changing my diet and managing stress better, I just had a bad one start up last Friday. On Saturday I woke up wondering about New Skin Liquid Bandage – something I’d never tried before. I headed to Target, picked up the New Skin while my blister was still very new, painted that sucker over (good god did it burn), and repeated every few hours for the last 4 days. It NEVER SCABBED. It is GONE today (4 days later). IT WAS NEVER EVEN VISIBLE to all but the most well-trained eyes (mine). If you haven’t tried it before, give Liquid Bandage a shot! It stops the sore from oozing and the best part is you can leave the house!! HALLELUJAH!!!


In my long, miserable experience with cold sores, I have tried toothpaste, ice, methylated spirits (Please DON’T do this. Terrible scars) Whiskey…. I don’t know, just about everything mentioned in this forum.

and after a 40 year history I found this natural product called VIRASOOTHE Made in new zealand, and it’s just amazing. All natural. I have never had another cold sore since I first used this amazing product. Google Virasoothe cold sores. Lots of good feedback on this product and they have been around a long time, so they must be doing something right

Only cold sore sufferer from Australia

So I know how you all felt, and I would look back at prep and see pictures of me and cold sores. At the time it seemed that it was the only thing that loved me and eve of since 2 years ago I have been raging the forums looking for cures and trials and everything. I have found some short term relief and long term relief but IT ULTIMATELY DEPENDS ON YOUR BODY’S REACTION the methods are just a guide of what works and what doesn’t. I would also like to point out that these methods were done by me personally and some may require a high pain tolerance. They also apply to most stages and are for hsv 1. I also got All the herpes cure books and will mention the cure below.

The so called ‘cure’

Over the decades many lost interest in natural chemicals because the drugs came in which was good for money. Long story short the thing is Hydrogen peroxide 35\\% and you take that orally. Search it up on the Web.

For an outbreak

Try eating only eating dinner, preferably pasta with onions, garlic, 4000mg lysine, herbs, spices and just vegetables


Solely working on high Lynsineow a rhinorrhoea foods and avoid sugar


Apply garlic to the sore until it stops burning


Tea tree oil


Peppermint oik


Vanilla oil


3\\% hydrogen peroxide


Egg whites through out the day


All of the oils together with a bit of paw paw


Nail polished remove


The battery method by zapping the sore which is surrounded by water


Zovirax and those creams


Coconut oil pure


Going for a hour swim in the ocean trying to keep the sore submerged for as long ap


Make a saline solution which is water and salt


A piece of metal heated to 60 degrees applied for 3 seconds every hour for 12 hr


Apply ice but this will shrink it buy 10\\% every 30 minutes of ice application


Try showering and use natural soap on it


Apply some snow if available

Some things not to do

Don’t touch it


Don’t use metal utensils use plastic


Have a outbreak toothbrush

Avoid heat and sun exposure

That’s all I got may your lives be less embarking then myn

Good luck everyone I know how you feel


Safeway has a generic brand of Abreva that works extremely well. It is two-thirds the price of Abreva as well. I bought this and applied it to the affected area six or seven times a day, along with Carmex. I also took one Benadryl three times per day, and iced the sore for ten minutes after taking the Benadryl. My sore is three days old and already scabbed over while doing this procedure.

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