Cold and Cough 19 Home Remedies
September 28, 2017
Cold and Flu Home Remedies
September 28, 2017
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Cold and Cough (Infants) 6 Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Nisha Singh

Take :
1 Table spoon Grated Ginger
2 Table Spoon of jaggary
1 Table Spoon of Ghee (Preferably made from Cow’s Milk)

Put the Ghee on heated pan add the jaggary and ginger and saute for 2-3 mins.

Give this mixture without water to the kid at bed time. Turmeric is optional.


Nilgiri oil is also beneficial for cold, put some drops of nilgiri oil on a cloth and place it near your baby it helps a lot


Take mustard oil hn a glass jar. Then put a piece of capor in it. Keep it sometime. Then massage your baby’s chest and back with it. U can also apply it to ur baby’s neck n head. It’s very effective.
I always do it with my baby.


take nagarveal leaf apply oil and warm it little ( it should be tht warm tht the baby can bear) place one on head and one on chest and then give shek from roasted ajawian and salts potli on chest

John Coleman

Turn the infant on its back and massage the chest softly. Then turn on chest and deeply yet softly massage the infants back and please do all this SOFTLY.

Nazia Hashim

Home remedy for Cold & Cough for infants below 1 year,

Remedy 1)Take an iron & a cloth. Make a ball of cloth with Ajwain in that. tie a knot tightly like a ball. & take that ball place on hot iron & then put on baby chest & back. This is called i hindi,’Sekhna’. Please note BEFORE PLACING ON BABY’S CHEST CHECK ON YOUR HAND & DO NOT PLACE VERY HOT ON BABY’S SKIN.’

Remedy 2)Take 7-8 pieces of Jayfal (Nutmeg)
remove the shell & only take the inside seed & grind in mixer. Please note the Jayfal mix should be made very soft means it should be grinded very nicely. Then in the night take this jayfal mixture & put few drops of water. Mix it well & now apply this on the infants chest, back & on the head. This mixture basically extracts the cold from the baby’s chest.

I have tried with my son since he was two months.

All the mothers one humble request,



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