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Joanne D

A teaspoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar(or a bit more to your taste), to a cup of water once or twice a day during pregnancy, especially during the last two months, will greatly improve the birthing experience. I first read this in ” Natural Goat Care”, by Pat Coleby. The apple cider vinegar has potassium and the other trace elements for the proper working of muscles-i.e.the uterus. It also increases the blood supply to the pelvic area which is a good thing because a lack of blood supply causes a constriction of the blood vessels in that area which leads to dystokia(difficult birth). In fact I got a lot of good health advice from my goat book-they get the same problems as us in the domesticated environment.


Childbirth?.?.?Not the best but also not the worst.I had my child three years ago and my whole pregnacy i was terrified that when it came time for me to give birth it was going to be hard.Well it wasnt with the help of many nice nurses and the shot.get that and youll be fine….THANX


Hi I have three kids and I been induced with all three of them my problem was not being able to get my body relaxed so I would take forever to dilate. With my first pregnancy i was in labor for 26 hours my second took me 15 hours and with my last one I had figured out that I wad going through the same thing I was over due I felt stressed so the moment when I got induced I asked to have an epidural ASAP right when I hot it I felt relaxed right away there was no need to wait around in trying to have the baby with no drugs… It only took me 7hours! Couldn’t have made a better choice. Remember you know your body better than anyone so if you feel you can’t relax just ask for and epidural especially if you’re being induced because your contractions get way stronger and makes your body tense… I hope my info can be helpful somehow


Having five children and pregnant with my sixth, these are my recommendations for a natural more comfortable birth. I have had both an epidural and natural births and I prefer natural births over medicated.
• First of all, inform yourself. Find out your options in labor and birthing. One of the primary factors that increase pain is feeling out of control and scared. Being informed really helps this. Having a good support person is VERY important too. They can help focus you when you can only process so much information.
• Drink Red Raspberry leaf tea throughout the pregnancy, but at least in the last 2 weeks. Red Raspberry Leaf tea is great for toning the uterus and preparing it for childbirth.
• Use EPO (Evening Primrose Oil capsules) both orally and vaginally (puncture the capsules and insert) in the last 2 weeks to help with labor also. EPO contains natural prostaglandins (similar to semen) and will help to efface a ripe cervix. EPO will not prematurely start labor that is not ready to start.
• When in labor use a combination of warm water and hot compresses along with guided imagery. Warm to hot baths are great for easing contractions and allowing the perenium to stretch.
Imagine the baby descending down and your body opening like a flower. Imagine every breath you breath being a breath you are breathing for that baby.
•Low deep moans helps vibrate away the contraction pains. Very deep- like a crocadile or a low vibrating moan or hum.
• Use olive oil on the perenium to help keep it stretchy and the vaginal opening slippery for the baby.

Also, holding the baby right after birth and allowing the cord to finish pulsating is healthy for the baby.


I drank red raspberry tea for the last two months of my pregnancy and my delivery was a breeze. I’m not saying that I didnt have any pain but it wasnt anything like what other women described to me. It just felt like period cramps. The nausea was worse than the actual contractions.


You have a choice to where you want to have your baby. I know it soulds a little crazy but, have your baby nder water…it will ease the pain.


Take castor oil to bring on labor as it did with me with my 3 children. I took 2 TBS before bed time. It may not work on everyone but it did for me. I had 3 hour labor with 1 child and 1 in a half hour labor with another. Primrose oil in the cervix will help dialate as well. As primrose oil has natural eliments that are found in sperm to help dialate a womans cervix.


Take corn silk to help bring about labor and to diminish bleeding after labor.


Take St. John’s wort to alleviate pain after childbirth.


Take thyme in tea form to help eject the placenta.

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