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Go to beach to remove the chicken pox because the water is salt water …


Soak neem, eucalyptus and mint leaves in boiling water. Leave to steep. When slightly cool, dip your finger tip in and dab droplets of water onto the spots. The boiling water brings out the natural oils from the leaves. It’s very soothing. Also, to help you sleep-take these leaves and put in into the humidifier slot, where you would normally put the essential oils. I’ve tried these and it really does work..


Soak in Aveeno oatmeal (the one that looks like an oilu substance) and baking soda for about 20 mins, then apply calamine cream (I didn’t use the lotion because it dries out faster). In addition, I used Benadryl drugs to help me sleep (ask for the equivalent for babies as I am an adult); it also helps you to stay asleep. I think it helped stop the itching too. The combination of all these gave me a sound sleep throughout recovery and put an end to the itching and stinging. Good luck.


every 2-3hours take a warm bath with a lot sea salt ( for baby bath i put one full hand) and a lot of malt vinegar( cider vinegar opt), stay 15-20 min every time then dont take shower stay with the salty vinegar water, the result is a miracle. i did it to my 2,5 years old child ,he sleeps now so calm God bless him:)


Neem leaf, chamomile and calendula tea baths and apply lavender essential oil directly to the spots. If done early enough, spots will never turn to blisters, so there will be no itching.


From th 3 rd day onwards, apply a mixture of 10 ingredients ,finely blended which caused fast healing . …. Fresh Neem leaves ( not leaflets) 5 ; Fresh mint leaves 10 ; lemon juice 1tbs; turmeric powder 1tsp; oat meal1tbs; peeled raw potato quarter; strawberries 2; yoghurt 1tbsp; honey1tbsp; baking soda 1/2 tsp. Apply a thich coat all over with soft brush and shower after 20 min .

After shower, pat dry . After 5 min , apply mixture of aloe Vera gel natural and vit E cream ( webbers/ Jameson ), calamine lotion . … Practically seen it work


Calamine lotion! It helps dry up chicken pox, which are a form of herpes. Just dab a little on the blister to cover it completely before bed, and in the morning it should dry the bubble out. To encourage a bubble for faster healing, I suggest using Zovirax. Patches of pink may stick to the coldsore, so cover it with a liquid makeup before going out.


hi i had chicken pox when i in the 2nd grade and i am 13 goin on 14 wel i used to wet the bed and that made it worst and stayn inside n the covers u need to go on back or front porch or open all the windows u need fresh air and to help the itchn to rub urself wit a warm rag if that dnt work smack the area where it itches cuz itching makes it worst i probably left somethin out so leave me a comment if u need more advice i wil leave one


Grind dry rolled oats into a fine powder. Add two cups to a bath of lukewarm water. Pat skin dry when finished bathing. Source:


Take a warm bath with burdock, ginger, goldenseal, or yellow dock to help soothe the affected areas.


Apply garlic oil, liver oil, or vitamin E oil to affected areas.


Garlic taken orally in capsule form can help fight off infection.


Cayenne or lobelia extract in water will help relieve the fever.


Saffron and snake root tea will help alleviate the symptoms.


Take a lukewarm bath with neem leaves to help with itching.


Take an oatmeal bath to relieve itching.


Apply sandalwood oil to the affected areas throughout the illness.


Apply vitamin E oil to affected areas to aid in healing.


Smear honey over the affected areas to aid in healing.


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