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I used Colloidal silver for my dogs eyes which helped.You can buy it or make your own. You can spray it in or soak a cotton ball and apply to eyes. Eye supplements thaty help Vitamin C, selenium alpha lipoic acid, bilberry and lutein and zeaxanthin.


Cataract is a clouding of lens of the eye which is mostly the effect of aging.
There are some signs and symptoms of cataract like appearance of spots in front of the eyes blurred or hazy vision, loss of the ability to see brightness, sensitivity to sunlight, sensation of a film over the eyes etc.
Once a cataract is formed, there is no non-surgical treatment available. Allopathic treatments for Cataract involve the removal of the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.

However these Allopathic treatments may have complications and adverse effect.
The resonance homeopathic remedies and advanced biotechnology cataract therapies like Cataract Compound, Om 25 CRT (cataract)Formula and Cineraria Maritima Eye drops helps to dissolve cataract and also stimulate optic nerve to function optimally, improves blurred vision etc.
Also C85 CRT Formula, C95 Cellular Oxygenator and T12 Herbal Liquid Bee Pollen Liquescence are used in cataract treatment.
Some of the Homeopathic remedies for Cataract can be prescribed based on the patient’s constitution. These are Napthalinum, Thiosinaminum, Nat Mur 30, Calc Fluor 6x, Silicea 30, Cineraria Maritima 3X; Germanium 4X; Calcarea Fluorica 6X; Zincum Metallicum 6X; Phosphorus 9X; Silicea 12X; Causticum 12X; Natrum Muriaticum 30X etc.


This may not be a remedy but it may be a prevention. Anti oxidents.


Wheat grass juice reduced lens opacity by 25-40% in old dogs, and reversed several other markers for aging. This study published in Biogerontology 2005; 6(4): 245-53 can be found, along with others on natural remedies for cataracts on the advertisement free consumer advocacy website


Make a solution of one part rose water and one part fresh lime juice. Use this periodically as an eye drop.


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