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I would wake up with pains and numbness in my hands. I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome, until I went to the Chiropractor. He took a xray and it was caused by my neck vertibrae. I received Chiro therapy adjustment treatments once a week and in 4 weeks it was gone. The Chiro doc told me to sleep with a rolled up towel under my neck, and to do neck exercises. Now for Carpal tunnel and circulation problems try supplements Vitamin C, E, B2, B6, B12 which is in the B-complex capsule, magnesium, alpha lipoic acid, tumeric,ginger root, cayenne pepper, Epsom salt bath or soaks.


I’m a musician (piano, clarinet, guitar, percussion, etc) and am therefore in danger of developing CTS. My professor showed me a movement to do after practicing which has helped relieve the tension. It’s designed to realign the nerves in your arm. Start my holding your arm out straight in front of you, parallel to the ground, palm up. Bending your elbow, bring your hand up to about your chin and then back down slowly about 10 times. Next turn your palm down and, bending your elbow again, bring your hand in slowly towards your chest and back out again. Do these movements slowly several times with both arm. The soreness should fade significantly.


Had and managed carpal tunnel in both hands for over 20 years before having surgery to fix it in my right hand. Using B-Complex vitamins helps, as does avoiding excess sodium. Sodium causes you to retain fluids, causing the carpal tunnel to constrict against the nerve. Also wearing a hand brace at night when you sleep is imperative.

However, if you are still doing repetitive motion work, such as typing or certain types of production work, you will need the surgery to prevent permanent nerve damage.

There is a new surgery where they use orthoscopic surgery to split the tendon and the recovery time is minimal and remarkably fast. I had full mobility within 1 week after surgery, but it took a year to get the strength back in my grip. (Only about 90% what it was, never came back 100%.) VERY worth it.

CoG – childofgod

Raise your hands straight up towards the ceiling. Extended, rotate your hands in a circular motion. Do it until it feels like energy (or whatever that is) is flowing around your hands. To start do it gently. Work up to speed. Don’t overdo at first. Moderation AT BLOODY FIRST. I discovered this cure one fine day ten years ago, thot I’d finally tell the world. Father bless each and everyone of you and family. See you one day soon my brothers and sisters.


I use to suffer from Carpal tunnel and read somewhere that vitamin B6 was the cure. So I tried it and after taking it for about a 3 weeks it disappeared
and has not returned, that was about 10 years ago.


Arnica Gel, 2-4 times a day on the wrist[s] for about a month. I’m a computer professional, also needed to work during this time. Best remedy I found so far for the condition.
Make sure it is gel, not cream or something else.
Oh, and using a pen tablet instead of mouse also helps.

Dave M.

Simply put a piece of red meat on the area for a maximum of 24 hours. My wife, who had been told she needed surgery, did this and never (for 15 years)has had CTS again. Once she dropped a heavy wrench on her foot. In a couple hours, it was very swollen and black and blue. 6 hours of ‘meat therapy’ left only a very slight bump and the black and blue had completely disapppeared. We don’t know how it works, but it does.

You must wrap it well with plastic and cloth to absorb the juices which come out of the meat.


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