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September 27, 2017
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Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous Healing Combination

Miraculous healing combination: EFFECT 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy!

Why did not we know about this miraculous cure and why we still didn’t try it? Because there are organizations that have an interest, common people not to know about the miraculous healing properties of the combination of lemon and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Therefore, from now onwards, spread the words about this simple but amazing cure to the people that really needs it!
Many people die while this secret is jealously kept in order to not affect the interests of the large corporations.

Lemon has strong anti-carcinogenic properties that are already been proven. Beside that it has many other useful features. It has a very strong effect over cysts and tumors. This fruit can cure cancer, it is tested on all types of cancer, and if baking soda is added it will have even bigger effect, because it will normalize the pH value in the body.

Also lemons have very strong anti-microbial effect with very wide range of activity against fungal and bacterial infections. Lemons are effective against worms and internal parasites. It is a powerful antidepressant and regulates the blood pressure, reduces stress and calms the nerves.

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SOUR SOP JUICE and SOUR SOP TEA. Sour sop has been found to be 10,000 times more effective in killing tumours than chemo without side effects. Please google it. You will not be sorry.


Ayurvedic solution to alkalinize your blood in order to neutralize acidity. This will help healing of heart blocks. This may also help in Cancer treatment since it is said that Cancer cells cannot survive in alkaline environment.
Drink 200 ml of Bottle-gourd (hindi word is Dudhi) juice every day for 3 to 4 months. You may add some Tulsi (HOLY BASIL LEAF) juice, Pudina (SPEARMINT LEAF) juice and Black Salt to this juice in order to boost its effectiveness. Do not use iodine salt.
This juice can be had in the morning with breakfast or afternoon with lunch.


i recommend all those with cancer to stay strong
here i have 1 trick which is the best fighter of cancer and it can be brought from any supermarket or shop
its tUMERIC POWDER (the light yellow one)
i know this work so please try it will seriously help
gud luck


i highly suggest fresh ground flax seed mixed with skim milk daily. and also fresh chopped garlic. both immediately consumed within minutes after prepareing. also get yourself a can of better than greens. combine all three daily and watchout cancer tumor..


Remedy for cancer is fermented amanita muscaria, fly agaric. No one has been cured by amanita muscaria yet, but it dissolved cysts in my throat from dental malpractice.

John Elko

A Mayo Clinic web page article stated that skin cancer could not survive tempratures of 111 degress. It also said heat treatment was sometimes used in conjunction with other therapes. I believe I have cured melanoma at home with nothing more than hot water from the shower.

A pamplet from my Doctor’s office said melanoma was an irregualr shaped spot, about the size of a dime, raised and a mottled red, and/or black color. I have had three of these. Each was treated in the same way, and quickley regressed. I did not go to a physician because they did regress and dissapear, so, since convintional wizdom says this can not work, until someone can document the malady and treatment, we will never know will we?

My treatemt. Make sure the hot water heater is set for a temprature to supply water at least 115 degrees F. I set mine at 125 at the tank. Run the shower water a bit so you know the burner kicks on. I use a shower massage hose and nozzel to direct water to a treatment area. After the water is hot, I turn down the hot water to just above a trickle. Then I carefully turn up the cold water to get a bearable temperature. As you might have knoticed, after a while, hot water seems to get cold as you get use to it. I therefore turn DOWN the COLD water a very slight amount. This technique insures I do not run out of hot enough water. Measured tempratures of about 115 degrees are bearable without blistering.

Run the hot water over the area for about 5 to 10 minutes. You want to get the surounding skin to look very red, without blistering it. The longer you treat the area and the hotter it gets, the deeper the treatment will go.

Results are the swelling is quickly reduced, and the coloring subsides. Two or more treatments about a week apart and the swelling will go back to flat. I have found only the original shaped area will change color to look like an age spot. In a year, this too will dissapear, and no trace will remain.

I know that this sounds too good to be true. So it should be tested in a clinical situation. Of course, any doctor will say this is impossible, and my conclusions are incorrect. The AMA would not test it, because home cures will not make them any money.

Mark J Daggett

Bailey’s Quack Juice!

I submit this in memory of my beloved Dog Bailey who has lived to a age 107 dog years.


Bailey was diagnosed with a Tumorous Cancer that was causing him to cough and have pain, his skin was itchy, and as result of itching he was pulling out his hair to the point of bald patches, his fur was also quite dry. He would also become quite disoriented, and had hearing loss. A Qualified Vet had confirmed my Tumor diagnosis. I asked her for 10 pain killers for the hard days and some ear drops for his hearing.

Treatment given
Ear drops were daily with great results on his hearing.
The Strong pain killer that was prescribed by the vet was only given once on a bad day were the dog looked like he was in much pain, this was early on.

the following was given on a as required basis, drying fur, glossy eyes, no energy signs

My treatment:
oysters in oil every few days, sometimes only once a week.
Omega 3,6,9 oil capsule poke hole with fork place in spoon crush one Bayer reg strength Aspirin once weekly, or as needed but, no more than once a week as not to thin the blood.
Omega 3,6,9 capsule with crushed Advil once weekly can increase up to 3 times weekly, as you notice he may need it (signs of pain or glossy eyes).
small canned baby shrimp 1 time per 2 weeks.

Baileys results:
His fur grew back, his hair was soft as it should be, his sight and hearing improved, he had more energy, was happy, had no signs of continual pain, nor symptoms of any suffering, played with the 2year old dog we also have, enjoyed going for long walks right up too the day I sadly lost him from a sudden unexpected seizure, that gave me no other option than to say good bye. I wish to note that that the day prior he gladly went for a walk sometimes running for over 2 miles, then on his day 2 minutes before anything happened he was playing outside with the other dog. it also helped with any of his arthritis I believe.

For my Dog, I believe that the above helped him Enjoy a full quality of life, free of pain. There is no guarantees, nor promises, but it was great for him, and hope it works as well for you as I am sure I received many more months of good time with my best Friend.

After reading more online on cancers, I would have also tried adding in, from time to time some canned asparagus, to see if results would have been even better.

I hope If you try this, you also have great results…


Regarding baking soda,(sodium bicarbonate), & sugar such as maple syrup,molasses,etc. The originator of using baking soda alone is Dr. Simoncini who NEVER used ANY sugars in combination with baking soda as a treatment protocol. Also he treated specific types of tumors & sizes.Combining the soda with a sugar is ‘urban myth’ per Simoncini who directly injects a specific amount into tumors.


Avoid stress, exposure to chemicals and/or radiation, eat healthy diet


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