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September 17, 2017
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Fill a baby bottle of mostly water and add a little bit of sprite or 7up to it. let baby drink from the bottle only a couple onces. Then burp like you would. This is for babies who have a bad tummy as well


i burped both of my sons by sitting them side ways on my leg, their legs dangling between my legs, hand under chin to support their head, bounced my knee and i would pat for a few minutes then place my hand flat on the bottom of the back and rub straight up with some pressure behind it then go back back to patting and so on. it always worked for me


My 2nd daughter never EVER burped while using all the methods I had read about. Turned out, I just had to hold her on my map and pat her tummy…she’d burp in seconds šŸ˜›


I had to hold my son and support his head & upper body and leaned him between my open knees and he thought it was funny. He came up laughing and belched the more and more I did it (tip: always use a cloth diaper, or even better, a tarp over your shoulder, lol)


hold baby by butt and back (supporting head if needed) lower upper body almost but not quite upside down and then bring baby back upright. repeat 2-3 times. this will help any air move. then tap baby on back as usual.


Place the baby chest down against your hand or on your lap and pat his or her back.


Press the baby gently against your chest and massage his or her back with your palm.


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