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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017
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Burns on Hand 6 Home Remedies

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I burned my two fingers with hot oil while was frying fish. It hurt so bad that I could not handle that pain anymore. I tried egg yolk, water, alcohol, nothing helped. Then finally found lots of recommendations about honey , I decided to try that one. Pain went away almost simultaneously, I was amaized and happy for such a relief! I put honey to my fingers and wrapped with adhesive cloth and put bandage to keep it on. Thank you everyone for those advises, HONEY HELPS!!!


Just burnt my hand on hot skillet handle from oven. Soaking in Apple CiderVinegar….dark kind. Mixtec with cold water.Working!


I was using jumping cables from my Acura to start my Toyota Tundra, I put the cables on the dead battery & double checked to make sure red was on red black on black I had the Acura running, which was a mistake, both cars have to be off. When I put cables on Acura they began to spark really bad, within 15 seconds they began to smoke & turned red I reacted and grabbed the cable clip with my hand & burned myself really bad. I put hand under cold water then put tooth paste with flouride generously had tremendous relief after 10 minutes. The rubber had melted into my hand, thank God for crest!


I would just like to say to everyone who listed diaper rash cream for burn it wprks thank you my boyfriend burnt hand on grill that was laid over open fire amd it relieved his pain instantly


Toothpaste I was mesmerized by the candle and burned plastic floor a project I accidentally dripped the plastic onto my thumb and pinky and I put toothpaste on it and then bam instant relief not even joking now I can go to bed with out burning sensation


The best way that I know of is to run cold water at least 30 seconds till it hurts, then apply toothpaste. Endure the pain for three min. And you will feel so much better.


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