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This must be done asap after the accident – If it’s something like a finger hold it in a glass of whiskey. Or if it’s somewhere else soak a well-folded paper towel in whiskey. the longer you keep the area in contact with the whiskey the better. It might work for other alcohol too but I haven’t tried it.

Jays Mom

My son bruises so easily literally..ALl my daughter has to do is poke him or grab his arm and he is already bruised horribly. Then im running around like CRAZY TRYING TO STOP IT FROM GETTING WORSE!!! Once I had to keep him home from school for 1 day to make sure the bruise was completely gone. I find myself looking after him like a toddler mind you he is 10 and a boy and we all know how much trouble boys get into. so I have tried mostly everything and the only thing that has really worked is applying Arnicare Gel as soon as possible and then I have him compress it with anything frozen.


SALT packed on water/strait after hit.


Mouthwash. Sugar free alcohol based mouthwash. I bruise easily so this is a wonderful find for me. Rub some on ur bruise and depending on the severity, it will b gone in a day or two


Arnica gel. Put it on as soon as you can- this stuff works wonders!


Ok, so I have had my fair share of bruises, and I’m obsessed with home remedies, especially for skin care. Hands down, the best supplement for bruises is Bromelain. It’s derived from pineapples , but if you just take a pill or two a day your bruise will be gone quick! No joke. I’ve tried every remedy listed on here except Hydrocortisone cream. Cold Raw peeled potatoes work great and also making an aspririn/green Tea solution really helps get rid of the red and both of these help inflammation also


1 Teaspoon lard

1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix together

It stops the bruse from coming out

Angelica Sophistica

I once banged the car door at my finger, and another time hit my finger at a thick piece of glass by accident. Instantly it started to bruise (turning blue, purple, red…).

I fortunately always carry a tube of hydrocortisone cream with me. Instantly after the accident, I applied a copious amount of hydrocortisone cream to my finger and massaged it gently and continuously (after about an hour to two hours without stopping). I can see the bruise going down, and after two hours, it is just a little red. The blue, purple color is gone. The finger feels a little numb and little painful, but it was not bad at all. This works reliably and it high recommended.


My son fell earlier today onto a cord. Unfortunately for my son he takes after me in the ‘I bruise like a banana’ department and so after I applied a frozen bag of mixed veggies I did little research (as I did not have my normal remedies on hand) I soaked a paper towel with some refrigerated white distilled vinegar and applied it to the bruise. By the time I got it on there it was a raised line of blue/black bruise and after having it on there for a few minuets my son wiggled his way out of my lap and I was nearly floored when I saw that it had already began to fade to a far milder blue.


Whenever I get a bruise I go to the local toy store and get a fake tattoo, I make sure the tattoo is large enough to cover the whole bruise, I gently apply the tattoo to the bruised area and miraculously the bruise immediately disappears. when my tattoo faded a few days later the bruise was gone.

Chandra Sekhar

I recently had severe bruise on the right hip from a fall at a store. Head pad or cold pack did not do any good. Finally, I started applying OTC Hydrocortisone ointment twice a day. Bruise which was like 3′ x 4′ slowly disappeared in 5 days. Now I have my natural skin back with no signs I had a bruise.


Eat fresh garlic. As much as you can handle. The more you can consume the faster the bruises and /or bruising will heal. Even major bruises geal in about 2 days. The only side effect in your breath will smell like garlic and when you sweat it may smell like garlic. I know for a fact that this works. .


I got this remedy for bruises from my grandma. 🙂
So, when I get a bruise, I just mix some hot water (not too hot) with alot of salt in a small bowl and mix it until the salt has dissolved a bit.
Then, I dip a cotton ball in the salt water and dab it on my bruise and let it dry.
Use this as often as you can throughout the day (I like to use it at night, too)
P.S. Don’t use this remedy if you have an open cut on/near your bruise. It’ll sting ALOT!!
Hope this helps! <3

Lady ‘C’

Rub shortening mixed with a little bit of sugar to create a paste like substance and rub enough to cover the area and try not to rub it off, its kinda messy, but i promise it works… 🙂


I rub vanilla extract on my grandchildren when they bump something like their forehead or knee. This prevents the black & blue mark from appearing. It works on adults too. I got bumped on my shin. I applied vanilla extract to the area and did not get a black & blue mark


immediately after the injury… apply metal a car key or spoon to the area, the cold keeps the blood from rising close to the skin… it will still hurt like heck, but wont show.


Apply Heinz vinegar to the bruise using a cotton ball. This will speed up the healing process.


Good ol’ Witch Hazel, applied w/ a cotton ball or a cloth soaked in it. It reduces swelling and cuts way down – if not eliminating altogether – bruising. Once I stepped off a deep curb, turned ankle so bad I know I must have broken something; it turned deep purple w/in hours. The next day I heard about this, tried it, and the bruising was GONE w/in a couple of days. -miraculous!

selena matlock

I occasionally find myself ‘mysteriously’ covered in bruises (usually the legs) went to the doctor and found that I do not have diabetes or blood pressure problems or anything else they could find in my blood. The Doctor said that it was a vitamin K deficiency (due to high levels of stress) and to take a healthy orange and wash it good and eat a small piece of the skin (somewhere between the size of a quarter and a silver dollar) no more he said. Anyway, it worked for me and I am grateful. I still have my battles with bruises, but I just go and buy an orange!


Arnica cream or gel is fantastic. Also wonderful for sore muscles and back pain. I used to put it on my feet before waitressing and it saved me!


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