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September 17, 2017
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Breast feeding Problems 10 Home Remedies

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For problems with low production, take Fenugreek capsules. I got them at Vitamin World for $5 for a big bottle. I took up to 13 capsules a day. I tried every other technique to boost my supply and this was the only thing that worked. But it takes time, so give it a good couple weeks to look for the effects.


put cello tape on your breast and it would be fine
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I was suffering from extremely low breastmilk supply when breastfeeding. The pediatrician told me I would have to quit breastfeeding if I couldn’t increase my milk supply. I tried Breastea from and it has really helped my milk supply so much. It’s an herbal tea, and my milk supply has increased up to 5 ounces per pumping. If you have low milk supply, try it!


When your milk comes in after having a baby, it can be really uncomfortable- even PAINFUL! instructions for use:
Rinse refrigerated cabbage leaves and cut a hole for the nipple. Just before use, crush the veins with a rolling pin or similar object to break open the veins. Apply the cabbage leaves directly on the breast, wearing them inside the bra. One or two leaves per breast works well. You should cover all engorged tissue. When the cabbage leaves wilt, usually within 1-2 hours, remove the cabbage leaves and reapply fresh leaves. Repeat application of cabbage leaves 4-6 times, for a total application time of 8 hours. Use the cabbage leaves only until the engorgement subsides. Prolonged use of cabbage leaves on the breast can reduce milk supply.


For engorged breasts: Get a pot of water almost boiling, remove it from the heat and pour some into a coffee mug or bowl (transferring to another container helps get the temperature to let up a bit). soak the wash rag in the water and ring it out. Apply it to lotioned breasts(try lanolin because it’s safe for your baby). hold it tightly (yes, it’s VERY warm) as you can and it will absolutely help loosen up the clogged milk ducts!
I had HORRIBLE problems with this and this was the only solution that worked. Hopefully it will help you!


Engorged Breasts/OR an easy way to even increase production

This ones so easy! Engorged breasts: Just get in the shower, and take your top off. Then gently squeeze breasts together, as this should help extract some of the milk without having to pump. If you have problems getting ANY milk out, then just kinda pinch the nipples a little, until it starts, but just dont do too much of this massage technique, as doing it too much can stimulate your breasts to make milk, too.

Stimulating production:
Stop wearing a bra for a couple days. Massage your breasts, with just a gentle squeeze, or circular motion, as is used in monthly exams. If need be, pump more frequently than you are comfortable. Like in between feedings. This will signal to your body that it needs to make more.

Also, beware of what you consume, as it may not be safe for your infant. Just try this massage approach first, then ask your Dr if any of the herbs or ingested/ topical home remedies are safe.


Fenugreek for 3 days every 3months when your baby’s needs increase,
trippled my milk supply right in time
..Also eat a yogurt a day to keep bacteria, and yeast infections away..
Trust me its like your breasts are on fire, you dont want it.
..And allow your nipples to air dry with breastmilk wiped gently on them after every feeding
…and if your intent is to only breastfeed(Only breastfeed) Do not give a bottle or your baby might not come back, and its way to difficult to maintain a milk supply (for a long period of time) by pumping


Fenugreek and blessed thistle in tincture form (liquid) work great when combined for increase in milk production. One dropperful of each 3 times a day.


Take fennel tea and almonds to increase milk production.


Use vitamin E oil externally to alleviate pain.


Read Books
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