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September 17, 2017
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If one is conducive and agreeable to establishing a periodic discipline of subjecting themselves occasionally to somewhat long term prayer and fasting – a powerful cleansing action upon the whole being is freely available, (particularly upon the heart and the brain, for it can effectively clean out the bad cholesterol, plaque and other nasties that are stored in our fat).

Long term fasting can be dangerous, (especially for some with certain pre-existing conditions and high levels of a few types of stored toxins) so it should generally be ‘eased into’.

[ Years ago tried a 3 day fast, (wasn’t hard) and gradually became accustomed to fast for longer, adding a few more days every 1, 2 or 3 years – and really noticed a profound effect once the 14 + above day fasts were employed…takes at least that long normally, for rather thorough cleanse.]

From experience, recommend water fasting w/ a little fresh lemon squeezed into 1 or 2 of the daily 8-12 glasses of (as pure as available) water.

Avoiding also, demanding activity, for it is best if one can remain quietly prayerful, meditative, and ‘gently/meekly engaged’ while hoping/praying/fasting for healing, deliverance + restoration.

Also, diligently researching such a subject ahead of time is wise + prudent.

Suggest –

Isaiah Chapter 58

Health books on the subject

And the internet.

I’ve been led from my youth to explore and resort/rely upon prayer and fasting whenever a sense of great/immediate need arises…and am confident (that once committed to), it is one of the best and effectual disciplines available – far superior in most every respect to modern pharmaceutical/surgery based gov mandated ‘health care’.


I will be writting a book about ‘Natural medicin’

Food for the brain

1-omega 3 ( eat alot of fish)
2 Blueberry and carrots (Vitamin A)

*Try brain wave music! you can find it on youtube. also look for Reiki music

*Breathing excercise ( focusing on breathing and holding your brith.

*Positive input of thoughts.

Good luck

John Wakamoto

Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin E may improve memory problems in some people.
Tofu and Soy product also contribute to memory improvement.


Eat whole foods rich in protein, and avoid additives, caffeine, sugar, and preservatives.


Gotu kola and ginseng will improve memory.


Take vitamin C, E, and B-complex.


Read Books
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