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Steve Lord

My mothers story is interesting. SHe is 96 and had a hip implant in 1985. the type of implant she was told, as related to me by her, was supposed to last ten years, then may have to be replaced. because they would sometimes fail due to bone resorbtion. Right at the ten year mark she was becoming crippled again and was told the bone had resorbed away from the implant and needed replacement. She needed a wheel chair if she had to walk any distance. We started treating it with a very simple but very effective natural method that appears to work by stimulating osteoblast activity and she started to improve almost immediately.

In several months her hip was perfect and she was playing golf and needed no replacement. She kept up the therapy, switching to a similar natural therapy based on the same principle but was even stronger in effect. Both evidently work by stimulating osteoblast activity. It was to duplicate one of the hand positions the fetus adopts most commonly in the womb.. All off these common positions work, for verious medical problems, I and others have cured our colds in one to two hours for example, but this one was the easiest to do. In photographs , the fetus sucks his thumb, and holds his hands in various uprigiht position usually upper chest high. Note that those positions of holding the hands upright usually chest or upper chest or shoulder high are the most common ones in tai chi, qi gong, and falun gong, each of which ihaving been proven to be effective in studies even when done for a short period. We found cia a lot of testing that the fetus must have also explored its ear with its finger. We found it worked just as well to place a piece of cotton in the ear rather than our finger, but it had to be in all the way so it touched the inner wall or it didnt work.

So she gently tapped a piece of a cotton ball into ONE, not both, ear rolled up to be the size of a small marble It had to fit snugly enough to duplicate the feeling of her forefingertip touching the inner wall next to the ear canal, but not so large that it was uncomfortable so she tapped it ingently a few times until it stops going in any further, This would be similar to putting in a round ear plug for noise blockage in her ear but ear plugs dont work, nothing else worked, only cotton did. That must be where the fetus placed his finger in his ear most often . It must be touching that innermost wall in order to work , I found. She mostly just used it at night during sleep when I had read 90 percent of all bone growth occurred. She slept on her back so that she didnt roll over on her ear and dislodge it. IF she woke up evern for a moment during sleep she checked it by tapping it a couple gently a few times to make sure it was still in all the way , touching the inner wall. She always did so gently, we didnt want her to mash it in.

. Her hip remained fine until 2004 I think it was, when it deteriorated again, the bone had resorbed again, and she said she was again very crippled. I couldnt understand what had gone wrong.

Then I heard on the radio that cotton farmers had switched to genetically modified cotton and a Professor at the University of Arizona told me that every cotton ball then would have some GMO cotton it it. He said it had a fish gene in it. Bingo, it was no longer fooling the body into thinking it was a finger. We switched to organic cotton balls , we bought Oraganic Essentials brand, grown in Texas. which were available at Health Food markets, CVS Pharmacy or many places on line, and her hip bone regrew again and she has been fine through today., the 28the year since her implant that failed after ten.

We also tried this therapy for other things and found it doesnt work if one is too near electronic equipment , including cell or mobile phone so she put those a few feet from where she slept, and made sure her tv, radio, (computer equipment) were off in her bedroom during her sleep. It doesnt work if one has a hearing aid in the other ear so she always made sure she took her hearing aids out during sleep. It works less well if one is taking immune suppressing drugs. She took only blood pressure medicine. I found that smoking makes it work considerably less well but the later stages of sleep may be long enough from ones last cigarette that it still does some good. .One other thing I found was that having nylon on, especially over the area that was the target of treatment , her hip, reduces the effect, and so I had sent her some night gowns made from organic cotton, and she didnt wear nylon underwear. and she didnt use nylon sheets or blankets.

We found also that the desired effect can also be produced by having the hand or hand lying on the upper chest, fingers curled into a loose fist so that the whole flat palm wasnt touching the upper chest, just the backs of the fingers and the heal of the palm. It is probably stronger if the covers dont cover the hand which would make it more like the fetal experience. One could rest his hand on top of the covers to prevent that or just not pull the covers up all the way, but it doenst work as well either when we get cold, so she made sure to stay warm all night.

I should add that I have found that this therapy seemingly improves all functions of the body and one of those things is circulation I assume becaise I proved to myself that this therapy can increase drug effect a little, and that would include tylenol or acetamenophen, , but all she took was high blood pressure medicine.

So thats her story.

Steve Lord

Santa Barbara, Ca.


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