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i spoke to my blood pressure using the name of Jesus and Gods word it went down.

Tanya Gupta

For high blood pressure

Mix five-six drops of garlic juice in four tablespoons of water and take it twice a day.


1,000 mg of Magnesium is very helpful. It is used in the UK in a IV with remarkable advantages.

arshid sofi

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First time for me to get high blood pressure and it’s no fun at all. I find meditation to bring it down significantly also warm bath and deep slow breathing. And chamomile tea.


Agree that drinking more water helps lower blood pressure by flushing out excessive sodium levels.

After eating salty foods, I can sometimes hear/feel my pulse pounding in my head/ears, which tells me my bp is elevated due to the increased level of salt/sodium…I then force myself to drink twice as much water as usual, (and I usually drink quite a lot at least 8-10 big glasses a day) and the pounding ceases shortly thereafter.

But since water is normally relatively cheap and unpatentable this simple approach isn’t touted very often by the pricey dispensers of drugs, etc.

Virginia Sturm

I am just an every day mom with a job and kids. My husband has suffered from high blood pressure for years. He didn’t even know he had high BP until his kidneys started to fail. He had an emergency operation and when he came home I had to make sure his blood pressure was lowered to a normal level. I have done extensive research and used what I learned on my husband. Today he is healthy and his blood pressure is normal. I have decided to write this book and share my knowledge with the world. read complete ebook here


the best remedy for high blood pressure is sex haw from West Africa. It was called it la tisane de longue vie, or kinkeliba. but the Sufi master Cheikh Amadou Bamba said to call it sex haw. this tea, which is also delicious, curbs appetite and lowers blood pressure dramatically. many friends have taken it for blood pressure and had stayed off medication for years. the Sufi of senegal drink this tea daily in the morning. it is also used during Ramadan in the morning to help with the fast. its a very delicious drink. its nutty and like some of the chinese teas i have had. they say to whisper into the tea what you wanted cured in senegal. but it is also a well studied plant, with proven effects on blood pressure. its a higher source of antioxidants than green tea, the quality of sleep is improved, and it aids digestion, which is the root of most disease. i had so many illnesses and so do people in my family. searching for cures from india to china to africa, i think this is the most potent yet gentle and mystical herb i have ever encountered. it has prompted me to study Cheikh Amadou Bamba very deeply. i guess the only place to buy the tea is on amazon or at a really great product in a silk bag, fair trade and gives money to senegal to buy bed sheets and clean linens for hospitals.


I have been using tea tree oil to treat a skin & nail fungus for a few days. Last night was the first time I put it on my skin and I slept with it on l night. I am also on two medications for high blood pressure. Today I got dizzy as work and thought my BP was high, so I checked it. It was 105/71. With my meds, it usually stays around 124/ 80. The only thing different I could think of was the tea tree oil. I got on the Internet and could not find any website with comments by people who may have used tea tree oil to treat high BP. Has anyone used this remedy? Some of the websites said that tea tree oil did not help, while a couple of them said it could. I really hope the tea tree oil is effective. I would love to come off of the meds. I tried using CoQ-10 and vinegar before, which helped some, but not enough, so I had to go on the meds.


i used resperate and it worked and it lowered my blood pressure with no side effects its a non drug natural way to lower blood pressure


Get a fresh coconut(jelly), squeeze a lime into it and drÍnk it!
Avoid alcohol!
For the island people… BOIL SOURSOP LEAF until the colour of the water change!! Sweeten as desired….
With high blood pressure, u need rest, find something to relax ur mind, whether a movie, a quiet walk in the park, etc)
All the best guys…and take control of ur health, blood pressure is dangerous…
One love….


Eliminate caffeine. That means coffee, tea (green or black), soda, guarana, mate, chocolate. Four days after eliminating caffeine, my blood pressure dropped 20 points.

Mr one hitter quitter

What’s works for me For 32 years is smoking a little bit of cannabis ‘one hitter quitters only’ maybe twice a day, has always lowered my blood pressure dramatIcally after 30-60 minutes after intake ‘very calming’ plus defenetly increases my appetite, ‘eat healthy’ & it will benefit many ways


chia seeds lower your blood pressure. They are good for so much more too.


If your head feels dizzy, like all the blood is rushing to your head, do this.

1. Take a nice warm shower.

2. Lay down flat without a pillow so that your head is even with your heart, and try to be in a dark, quiet room. Breathe deeply.


I’ve heard 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey mixed in with a beverage of your choice once a day will lower it in no time… i am beginning it this week… will let you know how it turns out for me

Ron Benefield

Most that have high blood pressure have a shortage of magnesium and magnesium is a vital mineral in the body and most Americans are deficient.

Janeesh Madhav

If you are suffering from high BP, take the skin of Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera)press it well and squeese to get essence. Take 30 ml with 30 ml honey for 3 days in the early morning. It would definitely cure the high BP.

NB: do not take it more than 3 days. continue the same course in every 15 days. Blood pressure will be in your control.

It is a composition in entient ‘Ayurveda’ in Kerala, India.
Contact me at [email protected]


take a very warm bath. relax in the bath for 20 minutes. this lowers my systolic pressure by at least 15 mmHZ in the 20 minutes.


to lower high blod presure right awy, suck on a peice of lemon.


Cayenne, garlic, and the herb passion flower can help normalize blood pressure.


Take valerian root to help relax.


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