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September 17, 2017
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DR. Feelgd

This is for fever blisters, when you start feeling the outbreak coming take out your hair dryer turn it on high heat arms distance. You let the hot air blow on that area do not burn the area all you want to do is apply heat for a couple of seconds to that area. Do that about three times and that will be your first application. Do that in the morning if possible afternoon and after dinner and before you go to bed and do the same the second day. You might have to do it the 3rd. day but remember not to burn it just a passive heat. At a later time it might try to come out again and you do the same thing. You won’t have to buy all those meds just use your hair drier. I use to suffer from that and it just kept getting bigger then one day I was using the paint stripper blower and I got this idea and what I noticed was that I was drying it out from the outside not from the inside so it healed faster. As the months past an outbreak would start and I did the same thing and I think it happen around the third time then it went away so far for good. Its been around two years now and I felt that I should share this others. God Bless


If you get blisters on your feet often, it really helps to wear two pairs of socks. Try this: wear one really thin pair of socks underneath the socks you usually wear.

The friction will occur between the pairs of socks (rather than your skin!), which will prevent blisters from forming, and alleviate the pain of any blisters you might already have.

I’m very active, and so far this has been the only thing that works for me. If you’d like even more protection, try buying ‘athletic’ socks, or socks that are meant to wick away moisture.

Hope this helps! 🙂


DO NOT ‘DE-ROOF’ A BLISTER. The fluid in that painful bump is sterile,and works as its own biological band-aid.
if the blister pops its self, don’t remove the overlying skin.
antibacterial cream with a pain reliever should help. other remedies on this site look promising but for heavens sake do NOT pop it.

Experience: Emergency Medical Technician.


Do NOT use a liquid bandage! Just trust me, it will bring tears to a grown adult. Do not drain the blister, but, if you must, drain at the bottom and it will drain. Do not remove the overlying skin. If you have access to an adhesive donut bandage, place it over the blister for protection and comfort.


TIP ONLY: Do NOT use one of those liquid bandages over a pierced blister! Good Lord, the pain is enough to send even someone with a high pain threshold to suffer through and, you will suffer, trust me.


Puncture gently with clean & sterilized needle and place a tiny bit of Neosporin or other similar ointment and place a corn pad (inner portion of circular removed) and place over the blister until it heals. Cover with band-aid if you cannot get the adhesive to stick appropriately (not sure but generic (dollar store types) of band-aids work better than name brands and a whole lot cheaper). Used to be a ballet dancer and this really helped with the rubbing and the pain.


Aloe vera, vitamin E oil, or zinc ointment will help heal a blister.


Garlic oil can help infected blisters.


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