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For bruising of any type including black eyes, eating fresh garlic will heal you the fastest. The more you consume the faster it will work. The only side effect is you may have the smell of garlic on your breath and when you sweat it may smel like garlic.



Apply vitamin E oil afterward

after 3 days they should be No black eyes

Good luck.


Witch Hazel pads. When I had a broken nose, the doctor had me get Witch Hazel pads and cut them in half and I kept them under my eyes all night & when I wasnt doing anything useful. The second time they had to re break my nose I tried it every day & it worked. It will work on any type of bruise! It will turn light green & sometimes even a little red before it disappears, but it is pulling it out & it takes the pain away quickly!!

buttercup bubble

The person is not sleeping well at night permanently will likely to get black eyes. Even though you think you are when you do not dream in the sleep. Deep and restful sleep is the only way to cure black eyes. Sleeping pills will make worse. The only cure will be from alternative remedy, rest for 15 minutes without thinking about anything or practice meditate before bed time. You have really set your mind to do it.


a beefy semi frozen steak is still the best remody. the vitamins in the meat help. or pack ice in a plastic bag keep area covered for at least 1hr and the black eye never materializes. depending on severity of the injury may require as long as 2 days for swelling or fractures of the face. but garanteed no black eye if ya catch it within a 1/2 hour of injury and you keep the area well below body tempature long eanough.


Apply an ice pack to the eye immediately after the injury for ten minutes. Wait five minutes and apply again for ten minutes.


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