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Survivalist Dave

Instead of trying to take your fingers to pinch out a bee stinger (when tweezers cannot be found), take your finger, and rub the stinger in one direction. It’ll come out easier, it won’t go in further, and you won’t risk it breaking in your skin.


My son, as well as I, are very allergic to bees and ants. We were on a primitive camping trip when my son disturbed a nest of yellow jackets. Over 20 stings and we were hours from a dr or hospital and NO EPI!
In our first aid kit is an herbal section. I took out the plantain, raw honey, and charcoal from the fire pit and made a paste to apply to each sting. Placing a band-aid over them to keep the paste in place. I also gave him 2 tbs. raw honey and an antihistamine, internally. No swelling, No breathing issues, No problems!
I have since used this many times and it has always worked!


To remove the stinger, I take a bit of tobacco, chew it to release the juices and place it over the sting for a few minutes. You can use a Band-Aid to hold it in place. stinger comes out. Works like a charm every time. (old school remedy)


my boys where chased by bees and we saw a milkweed plant put it on the sting and instantly calmed them down, and quickly helps the swelling.


1.Try Lavender oil. When someone is stung, rub the area very well w/ a drop or 2 of lavender and the pain will disappear almost instantly. 2. Go out in your yard and find plantain that is clean and not sprayed. Chew it up and put on sting. 3. Bruise an onion slice and hold on. Hope they help!!


One should follow these guidelines more or less
— remove the stinger from the wound.
— minimize the swelling by elevating the wound above the heart.
— treat for itch and pain with over the counter anti-histamines.
for more the info on these tenants look up Do my own pest control’s bee sting treatment guide


split a cigerate open and put the stuff on there


I wound up in a yellow jackets nest the other week cleaning out an area in the woods, and got stung about twenty times. I didn’t have any change on me so I couldn’t use a penny, the next thing came to mind was mud, so I went down to the pond and smeared mud all over the stings, that helped a little, I think the pond mud was not good enough dirt. When I got back to the house I grabbed my jar of wild touch-me-nots out of the fridge and dabbed it on. That helped a lot. This is an old American Indian remedy told to me by a Dr.

In August look for wild touch-me-nots, they have an orange blossom, and grow in damp areas. Pick some, (the whole plant) shred it in a food processor, place it in a jar in the refridgerator. When needed, grab out a gob dab it on the sting, you can place the gob right back in the jar. He told me not to use a blender for shredding as he had burnt up his wifes blender. He also told me after grinding if it seemed too dry to add some glycerin. Luckily I have never had to add the glycerin. This also works great on poison oak.


for bee stings, the thing that makes it bad, is the stinger is inside of you…to get the stinger out, mix flour and water together and apply thouroughly, then wash off with a damp rag. works like a charm


I am highly alergic to bee stings and was told by an old Texan to tape a penny to the sting. I thought she was crazy, but I got stung and was far from any ER, so I tried it. Not only did I not have a reaction to the sting, the sting did not even swell.


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