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Use this device: Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System, Variable Pressure, 78″ x 36″.

I saw this sold on amazon by someone who recommended it, and it works extremely well!

From my experience, this air pad device is a life saver to those patients who can not move around or have any strength at all to be moved around to use a boppy “breast feeding”pillow as a seat cushion or the like.

My grandmother’s strength has diminished more than ever now. She is more weak than ever before and is unable to do anything else other than be rotated in bed.

When I used this air pad device I doubled it up to form even more cushion under my grandmother’s butt. I keep down all the way on the softest setting to ensure the most comfort especially seeing how I doubled it over. It works especially well using it this way.

When the air pad is doubled up I just use a couple synthetic sheep skins for her ankles and also one or two under her upper body to keep her comfortable.

I also treat and clean her wound area once a day on average now due to her lack of mobility. If her wound is really bad I would do two times a day.

From my experience, it is very important to at the very least clean the patient once a day and to patch the patient all over the problem areas with medical paper tape and gauze pads to act as extra cushion and protection to prevent bedsores from ever even starting in the first place.

Remember, even with using this device to keep rotating the patient at the very least once a day. I do it about once a day, and it is sufficient keeping bedsores from occurring. Remember, when rotating the patient rotate pressure on opposite butt cheeks to ensure a different distribution of pressure. You can keep the patient either gradually or majority sloped on either butt cheek; do that at least once a day. You can also keep the patient completely on their side or on their stomach too if the patient is willing to stand it.

Remember, bedsores can develop even on the patient’s side of the body, so do not take for granted that it just happens in the buttocks. Keep in mind that bruises will eventually turn into bedsores. This is why rotating the patient is so vital, and that is what this pad helps in effect to do by shifting weight around; however, despite the great help of the pad you still need to manually rotate the patient across the bed as necessary.

I found when moving the patient across the bed that it is easiest by first moving the shoulders and upper body towards where you want to go, then grabbing both sides of the air pad and picking it up a bit and placing it following the body of which you just placed. Do the same for the legs.

From my experience, it is not necessary to take the patient off the air pad other than rarities. Just make sure you keep the patient dry as possible underneath them by using pee pads and towels as necessary.

I would also recommend making sure you wipe the air pad down to ensure it stays dry and clean. I also never got a hole in the air pad, but I thought if I did maybe flex seal rubber spray could repair it to keep in mind.

I use now about 6 4×4 gauze pads unfolded to protect her butt area in about three quadrant areas of her butt. It soaks up any dampness too which is good.

You can also use some big pillows to sit the patient up for more comfort and humanity as necessary.

One last thing about rotation. You can lay sit the patient in the neutral position directly on the butt, but just remember that this position will develop bed sores quicker. If bedsores develop try less hours like 12 hrs or 8 hrs in this neutral position. Though, one good thing about sitting the patient in the neutral position is that it takes pressure off the outer butt areas which allows them to heal in the rotation of things.

Hope this helps you, all the best!


Use “emuaid for bedsores” with this method that I will now describe. Soak a bed sore wound with two palm hand fulls of table salt and two handfuls of Epsom Salt in a approximate 1ft by 1ft square bucket of hot water. The bucket is bigger than the amount of hot water I used. I used approximately 3” to 4” of hot water with the salts. Try to use water as hot as possible that the person is willing to stand.
You can wring the soaking rag more in the beginning if too hot, then let more water stay soaked in the rag as you go on to ensure the soaking stays hot. Soak for about 15 minutes with hot water and salt using the wash rag, I always soak until the water becomes luke warm. After soaking, lather will Dial antibacterial soap! That is very important to ensure no infection starts. There was an infection with my grandmother. It makes the wound area more terrible, and it takes a lot longer to heal.
Lather with dial soap way better than you would even ever consider washing your own hands! Then, wash off the soap with the same bucket of salt water that you used and the same wash rag.
What you want to do next is keep it sanitary by using a sterile pad. First use a sterile pad on the area to dry it above a towel. Keep in mind that you may have to use many towels to keep this wound area dry. Next, once the area is dry go ahead apply emuaid (found on amazon) to wounded sore areas and bruised areas. Remember, you are in for a battle! This is not going to heal over night. Do not expect a quick miracle, but there is hope with this cream. This cream helped my grandmother heal up from a terrible bed sore/sores along with using all the methods I just explained I used.
Remember this too, after applying the cream go ahead and apply two sterile gauze pads over the sore area as I did. Tape the pads on with medical paper tape.
Then, use a ‘Boppy breast feeding pillow’ that you can find for example on amazon. Get the 100 % polyester. Ensure person is slid down just a little when using it. Also, very important to know while using this boppy pillow is to elevate the thighs which are extended out off the boppy pillow. If you do not adequately elevate the patient’s thighs, then the person may very well slide down from the boppy pillow. What results from the slide down is that the butt wound area will touch the bed in which pressure will continue to inflict the wound area and the wound could get worse and obviously not heal. I would use a nice real big quilt to elevate the thighs and knees sloped upward running away from the boppy pillow. In doing this you can also build a foot trench to protect from bone spur bed sores in which you keep a pillow under the patient’s feet in parallel with the rest of the patient’s legs. Using a quilt or folded bed spread cover or maybe one or two of each to elevate the thighs and legs will also ensure the patient is anchored on the boppy pillow correctly so that no slippage occurs and that the patients remains positioned in the sweet spot of the middle void area. Another very good idea for convenience is to fold a urine pad inside out and stuff it under the patient’s discharge area rather than having to pull the pad up the patient’s legs which can be grueling having to do several times a day. One rule of thumb to know if the patient is on the boppy pillow right is that if you can easily place the urine pad underneath the patient’s discharge area, then that is one tell-tell sign that the patient’s wound area is near the epicenter of the boppy pillow adequately elevating the patient’s wound area. You can also wash this pillow in the wash machine, but I would recommend keeping this pillow on the top part of your wash so it does not get cut up by the wash blades. You may need to do slight sewing to patch the pillow every rarity if using in the wash because of the blades, but well worth it!
By the way, It is vitally important to keep as much pressure off the ‘pressure sore’ or bed sore as possible. So, if many out there who say this cream does not work, then likely this could be a major factor due to you are not alleviating the pressure off the wound area. I believe it is just sound logic to know that as long as aggravation persists on the wound area it will inhibit the person’s body from being able to heal the wound effectively. So, that is why it is so vitally important to keep the family member as much as possible on the boppy pillow when sitting or laying down. For example, my grandmother who is bed ridden at 87 years of age is on her boppy pillow approx. 7PM in the evening until 10:30AM. Then, we lay her down on her synthetic sheep skin around 11:30AM or 12PM until about 5:30PM. So, it goes to show you that most of the time when she is in bed we have her on the boppy pillow to enable the wound area to heal.
Remember too, it is important to ensure that the family member is getting plenty enough protein whether from fish, eggs, yogurt, and etc. It is vital to have the protein to ensure the body can have the ability to rebuild new skin tissue. If you do not keep the pressure off the area or give enough protein along with keeping the wound dry, soaked, soaped. creamed, and patched then you may be left scratching your head wondering why things aren’t working as they should.
Additionally,if your family member has bed sores on their feet too, then I found making a blanket trench is perfect to remedy this also. Just keep the thighs, knees, and calf at one level with a quilt or thick blanket you fold under the person’s legs. Leave the last bit of the blanket unfolded compared to the rest that has propped up the thighs, knees, and calves. There should now be a little trench under the feet to allow room for a regularly fluffy pillow to be placed under the person’s feet to ensure the bed sore goes away and never comes back! I know this method works because my grandmother developed sores on her feet and this is what I did to remedy the problem.
Now, getting back on track to the regular buttocks bedsores; It is important to note that I soaked my grandmother, lathered her butt wound area with soap, and applied the emuaid cream two times a day once at about 10:30 AM and the other at 5:30 PM. Note, I did not use exactly as emuaid directed, but I still got excellent results. Keep in mind my grandmother’s bedsores were terrible. If your patient’s sores a relatively small you might be able to do this maintenance just once a day as long as you do the other preventative methods described. It is your call, just bump the treatment up to two times a day if it is not working right.
Again, do not expect quick miracles, but one over time. Doing this method my grandmother saw a complete healing of her wound after about 2 months. Other sores did develop around the original sore, which we also had to battle using this home remedy method I just explained. Do not expect this to be easy to heal your family’s wound. It will take time, and using the method I told with this wonderful healing cream I really believe it will work for you in most cases.
Remember when taking off the medical paper tape use the hot water and rub it on the tape so that the medical tape does not rip up the butt wound area in which it could turn into more bed sores.
I felt there was no hope until I got this cream and used it along side the method which I stated. Remember to change the bandaging and use this method if you feel that this is the answer for you.
Also, I want to say, always keep the wound area as completely dry as possible with urine pads of the like. Change them at least three times a day along side bed pans.
I want to also mention that I have used DuoDerm patches before on my grandmother to help heal her bedsore at early stages; however, I want to warn you that I would certainly not use one of those Duoderm patches if the wound area is bruised, infected, or if there is any crust / skin scar tissue forming over the sore area. That is how my grandmother’s wound turned into a terrible nightmare.
So, I invite you to try the method I used if you believe it is worth a try to you. Always remember that it is a battle and long drawn out war against these bedsores. Taking one half day off against these bedsores can mean giving back two weeks of ground that was hard earned with much effort to heal these things. So, once again be patient and most importantly persistent in the treatment! All the best and I hope your family’s wounds are healed. Lastly, if a wound area has been fully healed with new young skin that formed, then I would stop applying the cream to that area unless another open wound started. I want to state that I also continued to wash my grandmother’s old wound site once a day with dial soap and kept three 4×4 inch gauze pads taped on her old wound area with medical tape to protect this area from redeveloping into a wound, I have to say that doing this along with elevating her thighs and legs above the edge of the boppy pillow has ensured a bed sore free butt. I used a little emuaid cream or neosporin as a quick touch up if necessary. Though, now I haven’t really had any considerable problems at all since I elevated the thighs to keep the butt anchored. Just remember, from my knowledge bed sores come from pressure on the wound area. This often is initiated by a blood bruise as I call it in the skin. Sores also can come from pee making the skin soggy and more vulnerable to being ripped up by the pee and things rubbing against the wound area; dial soap will clean the pee and help keep the pee from infecting a possible bed sore with daily maintenance and guaze pads to keep the danger area more protected and to soak up any loose pee.. Also, frequent use of urine pads will keep the area dry. Finally, remember skin tears from taking off tape can easily turn into a bed sore too. It opens up the skin making the area vulnerable to turn into a sore quicker and also places the area at risk for an infection if the area is not washed enough with dial soap for example. Those skin tears can be dangerous so use hot water and even a soap rag and wring it over the tape you have used on the patient to then easily pull the tape off without ripping the patient’s skin into a ‘skin tear.’
P.S. Another thing to consider buying would be synthetic sheep wool pads also sold on amazon that I bought which help distribute the weight when the person is lying down, but I would not consider the sheep skin as a permanent fix to keep a person safe all day and night.
One last note too, when you use the sterile gauze pads remember that sometimes it may be necessary to use one to air out the wound, but other times it makes more sense to use two so that a bruise does not start and to ensure the area stays better protected.


Though not witnessed personally, was told by a close friend that (along with some tender hearted prayerfulness), he saw the repeated application of activated charcol powder, after each regular gentle cleaning, expedite the complete healing of a ‘nasty’ and previously ‘unresponsive’ bedsore.

Activated charcol is highly absorptive.

It does tend to stain things black, though probably not in a very permanent manner.

My thought, at his telling of this was that goldenseal root powder, (which I’ve use to promote healing many times, though usually in smaller wounds), would also exert a healing effect.


I was told by at visiting home nurse to use milk of magnesia and iodine, you mix them together in covered bowl, let them sit for awhile and then apply this to the bedsore. use this several times a day. After a couple of days you will start seeing a change and they will soon be healed.


The best way to heal bed sores is to go to a feed store and buy cortisol for horses and it heals a bed sore that goes clear to the bone. It’s wonderful and it really works.


Take vitamins C, A, B-complex, folic acid, and zinc.


Apply liquid lecithin, honey, or zinc ointment to clean sores and dress with a gauze bandage.

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