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Valerie Baugin

Well I am 40+ business woman working hardly day and night to improve my business. I have a big bald spot in my top head. My friend told about Nuhairrx serum and i started using for few months. I noticed a not big difference in the first 2 weeks. But after few months, I had lots of new hair growing in. I used this product combined with the vitamins. I am very satisfied.Thx.

Monica Lopez

Hair Grow Secrets book is really very useful. I was so disappointed because of my hair. I was constantly losing my hair and I could not stop it. I was so frustrated about this because I love my hair. One of my friends suggested me to read this book. I didn’t think much and just bought this book. I’m really so amazed that the author described so beautifully how do I stop my hair loss. The author described all the secrets about hair grow. I’m now following the instruction given by the author in this book. I’m really so happy because I’m getting amazing result! I’ve stopped my hair loss and now my hair is growing so quickly. I would definitely recommend to all of them who are suffering the same problem like I had before.”Hair Grow Secrets ebook


Its vry simple and vry mch effective!!!
jst take coconut n put some coriander seeds in it…then boil them gently and then apply on ur scalp….and massage all ovr d scalp so dat d oil penetrates inside
u’ll see dat ur bald patch z slowly reducing(cant say abt chronic balding) and hairline increasing,if done regularly
i got d result nw its ur turn!!��


I’ve always wanted thicker, longer hair and heard of many ways to try to achieve that, but to be entirely honest, I never knew where to start. That’s where this book came in handy! Hair Grow Secrets, will provide you with plenty of ways to achieve thicker, longer hair. The writing is very easy to read and it is definitely comprehensive. It even explained the hair growth cycle which was very interesting to me! Anyways, this book provided so many tips and advice for better hair growth (as well as healthier hair), and I definitely recommend this to everyone.”

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