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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017
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Dr. Brian Paris, DC

Structure dictates function…it always comes down to that when working with back pain. The Lose the Back Pain System nails that concept. If you only focus on the pain you will always miss the cause of the problem. Following this simple formula will allow any back pain sufferer to pinpoint the cause of their problem and get rid of it!”    Lose the Back Pain System


What is back pain: Any pain in upper, middle or lower back of our body is known as pack pain. It can be acute and chronic. Acute pain is temporary and last for few days to a week and chronic one can bother you for three months and they often come back.

Cause: Due to old age, Lifting heavy weight, improper sitting, sleeping postures, lack of physical activities, poor diet, stress, pregnancy, slip disc, injuries to back, arthritis, spine disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, lumber spinal stenosis, inflammatory diseases, spondylolisthesis, fibromyalgia etc.

Massage: There are many massage techniques are available and some of them can be tried to take care of back pain. They are as follows.

Take coconut oil (approximately 30 mL) and add garlic cloves (8-10), fry the garlic cloves till brown in the coconut oil. Transfer the mixture into a glass bottle. Apply this oil on the back pain area. After 30 minutes, take a bath with warm water. Repeat this method as required.
Make a past of ginger powder (two table spoon) in water and apply on your back
Massage your back pain using sesame oil or turpentine oil and after 30 minutes wipe the back using cloth soaked in warm water and repeat this method as required.
Make a mixture from ginger paste juice (one table spoon) and eucalyptus oil (two table spoons), massage gently with this mixture, after 30 minutes take a bath with warm water. Repeat this method as required.
Apply heating pad (for lower back pain), But for muscle injury or sprain use cold pack
Take hot oil bath with rosemary or thyme extracts to reduce pain, followed by massage with hand – warm tulipwood oil.
Mix 10 gram of fresh lemon balm leaves into a tightly sealed 25 mL of rubbing alcohol for 10 days in a warm place. Strain and dilute with water in a 4:1 proportion. Rub your back with this spirits of lemon balm.
Relax tense muscles and promote circulation with moor mud and sulfur baths

Home Remedies: You can try following home remedies to alleviate from back pain.

Take whole wheat (25 grams) and sock in water overnight next morning add one table spoon coriander (dhaniya) powders, add one table spoon poppy seeds (khus khus). Mix this in a blender. Add this mixture to milk (125 mL) of milk and heat this mixture for 20 minute. Then eat this mixture when warm.
Boil fresh basil leaves (10-15) in one cup of water, till it evaporate half after cooling to room temperature add quarter table spoon salt. Drink this mixture once a day
Grind and make a powder of poppy seeds (Khus Khus) (50 grams) and two table spoon sugar candy (mishri). Have this powder twice a day with a glass of warm milk
Take one table spoon garlic juice, add two table spoon lemon juice and add one cup of water drink twice a day
Drink chamomile tea that helps in lower back pain

Yoga: You can learn some yoga postures from your instructors to take care of back pain. Some important asanas for back pain are well described in the following you tube videos.

There are four main asanas you can do for back pain, they are (1) Makarasana, (2) bhujangasana, (3) shalabhasana, and (4) markatasana.


Take a proper bed rest and sleep on a spine friendly bed, your bed should neither be too hard or too soft
Adopt proper sitting posture in your chair. Avoid sitting in chairs without proper back support
Use a wedge pillow to encourage erect posture while sitting
Adopt proper walking style
Don’t carry lopsided loads. Lift heavy weights only with bent knees, and always keep your back straight.
Wear comfortable shoes and sandal


Have had back trouble on and off for many years. Find that a routine of stretching ligaments (especially hamstrings) and toning muscles (particularly the abdominals) helps much.

One favorite – is an inversion table where one hangs upside down by the ankles for a bit, then stretch side to side, and grasp hands alternatively behind back, then slowly reach up and grab bar by feet and straighten knees (if not too painful) hold for a minute (this usually causes a moderate ‘disc or vertabrae adjustment’) then slowly go back down and do about ten upside down sit-ups, then slowly go flat (horizontal) resting for a bit, then rising to near vertical, and grabing sides do slowly but firmly do a ‘spinal twist’ to one side then the other, which usually procures a pressure relieving ‘pop’ or two…and then my back is much less likely to ‘go out’…long as routine is adhered to fairly regularly.
And I mind well my posture , which failing to do so, appears to be mainly how back trouble started, back in ‘high school’,(did a lot of slouching due to not liking being ‘cooped up’).


Lobelia or valerian root with cayenne will relax sore muscles, help you rest, relieve the pain, and heal the injured area.

Natalia Muntean

Hi, my name is Natalia Muntean and I am a big fan of the Back Pain Relief4Life program.

I am a professional model and fitness competitor therefore daily grueling training and travels around the world are big part of my career, which puts a lot of stress on my back.

This program is very easy to follow and, most importantly, you can do it anywhere.

I follow it for a couple of months now and it strengthened my back muscles significantly, helping me to breeze through prolonged photo shoots, flights to Australia or Europe and keep my posture in excellent form.

Whether you have a back problem or just want to maintain a strong and healthy back, Back Pain Relief4Life is your choice!


Use lobelia extract as a muscle relaxant. Apply to sore back muscles.


Drink a strong comfrey tea for a swollen back.


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