Asthma Sufferers Should Breathe Through their Nose



It is well known that asthma sufferers encounter great problems when wanting to breathe normally. The amount of air they inhale and exhale is significantly lower than that inhaled and exhaled by a normal person. Also, there is an increasing tendency of asthma sufferers to start breathing through their mouth. This practice is mainly due to the fact that during asthma attacks people usually use an inhaler and breathe through their mouths.

However, breathing through your mouth should be a routine which must be stopped immediately, first of all because only a small quantity of air that you breathe through your mouth reaches your lungs. Most of it goes directly in your stomach and it is not useful in any way to your organs. Also, many asthmatic associate breathing through their mouth with an emergency situation (like the imminence of an asthma attack) and when they get used with breathing through their mouth regularly, the fear of an attack is increased and the brain is always in a state of alarm.

Thus, in order to breathe normally and lead a stress-free life, you will have to get used to breathing only through your nose. It may be a little more difficult at the beginning, but nothing is impossible when you really want it. Start by auto-imposing yourself to keep your mouth closed and whenever you realize that you are using your mouth for breathing, close it and try to resume your normal activities and breathe through your nose. If this does not provide satisfactory results, then buy a mouth tape and use it when you are at home and when you are sleeping to keep your mouth closed. This will prevent you from opening your mouth and will only leave you the alternative of breathing through your nose.

Once you will get used to using only your nose for breathing, you will notice that you will not be thinking so much about the imminence of an asthma attack, you will be more tranquil and relaxed, while the panic feelings will completely go away. So, no matter how hard you will have to try in order to succeed, it is worth all work as once you have started breathing through your nose, your asthma will become less threatening to you. has recently released a  book Asthma Relief Forever  that  book  will  show you how you can Cured Asthma Naturally, Without Drugs & In a Few Days the Asthma Relief Forever book is a 100% guarantee that you will  Cured Asthma else you will be refunded.


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