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My family has a long history of asthma and allergies, my son has asthma since 2 years old. We’ve many different natural products, and traditional pharmacology. With little improvements. But what really made a big difference to help us to control the symptoms is when we found probioclean products, then his overall allergy level really went down.

Mark Parson

Dear jerry ericson

After getting started, I have seen shocking results – but in a good way. 20 years suffering from asthma and your product was the only one that showed results. You were more than correct when you said that most asthma products treat only the symptoms so that one has to keep buying over and over again. I have been using other products for years but without any long lasting results. I highly recommend your product for any asthma sufferer!”

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I’ve had asthma, allergies and headaches for over 15 years. I’ve tried so many things to relieve my symptoms, went through the hell of medical professionals not having much success in treating my conditions. I had no energy to do anything; my life was a total depressed mess with body aches and pains.

One day I came across information that changed it all. It was an article about healthy living. I had no idea before that there were so many toxins in my lovely home. Little by little I’ve started to change things around and now my allergies and headaches are gone and I feel so much better. I just wanted to share this and hope it will help other people. I wish I knew all this before and didn’t have to go through so much suffering.
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James Grimo 

“I’ve been looking everywhere for an alternative to the typical asthma medication. I finally found it. The results are impressive and can’t believe that this did more than any other treatment that have been following for years! I’ve never seen anything working so well, and as quickly as Asthma Free Forever did – and I guarantee that!”


Submitted anonymously

2013-01-23 20:00:06

There is a cure for asthma believe it or not. It’s simple but yet no one wants to bother trying it because they feel it’s too much work. BEETS! Raw beets is the

answer. A friend of the family came over to my house one day and we were talking about asthma and she told me all I had to do was go buy fresh beets and put them in

the juicer and juice fresh beets. Drink 3 8oz glasses a day. I did this for 5 days in a row. I was so grossed out and sick of beets but it works. It’s amazing. You

simply peel the skin off and put them in the juicer and juice it just like you would do with carrots. By the 6th day the muscus/phglem disappears and no more asthma.

Can’t believe how amazing a simple vegetable like that works. But you need to juice them daily and drink it fresh. Although I have been lazy at times and I would juice

enough to last me for 2 days. Try it if you no longer want to use an inhaler. I have to say when I smell beets I do get grossed out, but it’s amazing that it works.

Submitted by Khaleel, Islamabad

2013-04-06 13:20:04

Hi, Thanks for posting this, I have this seasonal ashtama (terrible) – Pollen allergy. Been sufferring since last 3 seasons but this season I tried fresh BEET juice

and on the 4th day I could breath normally. I even went to the high pollen area (office) and came back home as normal. I continued drinking this regularly for 12 days.

My coughing ceased in 2 weeks but Ashtama was cured on the 4th day. After 12 days I am not so regular but drinking this atleast alternate day. I added 1 big lemon to

the juice and its tastes much better and also the high oxalate (debate) content in BEET can be minimized by adding 1 or 2 lemon juice to it, it also adds vitamin C.

Thanks again for the post.



Hi, the best remedy to uproot asthma is pranayam…its works wonder to me..m suffering from asthma from past 15 years or so…n from past few months i have to take steroids also to combat it that also for a month n so still not after taking steroids my body became very prone to allergens resulting in frequent bouts of asthma… from past 3 months i dont suffering from any of these thing…n pranayam seriously cure it permanently. in pranayam mainly you have to do brastika, kapalbhati n anulom vilom…that you can watch in you tube of baba ramdev videos…n more pranayam can cure any disease even all d best for asthma free life


I asked God to heal me and I believed with all my heart that he would. and guess what, he did. have faith in God and confess that you are healed. that’s my remedy

the hard facts.

I have ‘real’ athsma. The kind that kills you without medication (every day). I know as much as a doctor about it and I can say for a fact that most of the people giving advice on this page either don’t know what they are talking about or they are out of their minds. Keep irritants down to a minimum, especially allergens. The only way to slow down an athsma attack (or stop it if your lucky) is to find a stimulant like caffeine or ephedrine and to keep calm. That’s it.

Margaret Bowman

“I don’t normally sit down and write such messages but I couldn’t help but let you know that I’m very pleased with Asthma Free Forever. Your remedy is well suited for me simply because it shows everything step by step, without any filler words. I started the remedy right from the start without any problems, the clear instructions helped me a low. I am now at week 3 and I can already see a huge difference. I thrower my inhaler in the bin already!”

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I am fortunate to have mandarin trees in my garden and I start each day ( when they are in season) with a GLASS OF MANDARIN JUICE. Opens my air ways immediately. Coca cola also works a treat. Not good for my ever expanding waistline but certainly makes breathing easier. Additionally I live in the tropics and right now we are in the rainy season so the humidity makes things difficult in addition to all the dust in the air plus having 5 dogs in the house.

Cant be thirsty when dead



I had asthma when I was a child..after 35 years with no asthma, the asthma came back. The regular medicine is not for me, side effects are terrible…after try different natural treatment, this one was the best, I don’t feel any asthma symptom anymore… PERFECT…fenu-thyme 3x times a day and respir ease tincture, 40 drops 3x times a day…second day no more asthma.Thank you God.


If you are having an asthma attack and your inhaler is not at hand (which it always should be) drink coffee! Caffeine opens the lungs and will help you calm down. Tea and soda may also work.


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