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To curb your appetite and receive signals a bit stronger from your body on what to stay away from, Drink 2 tables spoons full of Braggs organic apple cider vinegar with one glass of water. It is a bit bitter, but you will love the effects it has on your appetite and your skin tone cleansing, etc.


According to Islamic teachings one should fill his or her stomach full and leave the meal when he or she is still a little hungry. That will help him feel full apetite for the next meal.
Secondly one shoud drink water in the beginning and if necessary in the middle, but never at the end. That wil help digest the food and feel apetite next time. Finally the dinner should be taken well before sleeping and walk after dinner and nap after luch is also useful for the appetite in the next meal.
My experience is that an hour or two before the meal one should not take any snacks.


when have no appetite take some sour drink ar eat some sour snak ar drink lemon juice before food ………..really helps

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Nothing works better to increase apatite then smoking canabis in small moderations ‘one hitter quitters’ plus lowers blood pressure after a one hitter quitter about 30 to 60 minutes after


Caffeine! I drink coffee regularly, usually a cup while breakfast is cooking. If i drink it before i eat, i will not eat nearly as much….ever notice people order coffee at sit down restaurants while waiting on their meal? This works for me, also gives me a good boost to my day! Just make sure to drink equal amounts of water so you do not get dehydrated, as caffeine is known for doing.

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5-HTP is an herb that balances out the serotonin in your brain, thus helping to calm an overactive appetite. It also helps you sleep better at night, and has been used successfully for depression and ADHD.


Decrease appetite and sugar cravings: stop using artificial sweetners (even Splenda) and stop eating the sugar-free candies. The only purpose of these is to increase the appetite and make you hungrier. 2 Chromium Picolinate pills a day also helps.

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Flinstones vitamins will increase your appetite, whether you are a child or an adult.


Decrease your appetite: Everytime you get a craving to overeat stop yourself and take ten slow breaths. Take the breaths as deep as your body will allow you. When you are finished your cravings are gone.


Take fennel herb in capsule form to regulate the appetite.


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