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Anemia Home Remedies



Stinging nettle is good can boil up drink the juice, and can eat the nettles with butter and seasoning, venasan,beef,steak,is rich in iron, dark chocolate contains iron also. And bread and milk is good too. Plenty of fresh air aswell. Try a slow walk along the beach it does help. Ferous sulphate 200mg for six months to treat anemia,


Get checked for Pernicious Anemia. It is a whole different illness & comes from the body’s inability to absorb Bvitamins. It used to be deadly & almost killed me. They now believe it’s an autoimmune disease. You need mega doses of prescription b12. Also Methylfolate (L-5-MTHF)You have to get that on your own b/c DRs that practice only traditional medicine think it’s BS. Make sure you contact a homeopathic Dr 1st. Good Luck


I was so tired, very short of breath, has terrible restless leg syndome and my hair was falling out. Doc said my hemoglobin was fine. FERRITIN is what you want to check. If mine gets around 40, which is still considered normal, I can hardly function. My hematologist does an IV infusion of VENOFIR, 200 mgs. once a week for six weeks…this holds me over for about six months or so and then I repeat. I have tied every iron supplement and none are absorbed by my body, so the IV is the only solution. Ideally, a woman’s ferritin should be around 100 for her to feel vital and energetic. My anemia is caused by heavy periods and should cease after menopause, but in the meantime, the venofir has given me my life back! I tried another iron solution via IV that did not work as well, so I strongly recommend the venofir. I had NO side effects using it.


just take 5 pind khajur daily for eight days

kamal jaiswal

for anaemia: wake up early morning fresh up yourself drink a glass of lemon water and start walking in fresh air time should be between 5a.m to least 100 m on first day and increase it gradually. do some yoga like anulom vilom for 5 minute ,some jumping on feet 10 to 15 jump on first day . don’t tired yourself too much.after that taking rest of 15 to 30 minute drink a glass of milk which was kept at night with kharak(dates) one or two.kharak swells and release its exract in milk which rejuvents blood.After an hour or two take breakfast bread with salad containing onions, green chilli,coarinder leaves,tomatoes ,carrot/ the evening for a young one they can play football for half an hour or more as not giving too much tiredness. take simple supper containg pulses as one of the ingredient with salad as mentioned.make it habit you will see the difference in a week. on alternate day in breakfast you can take soaked gram(chana) or in the evening you can have juice of wheat grass on alternate day. it actually works.


foods rich in iron vitamin b12 and folic acid (folate) helps just make sure not to overdose on iron


eating drumstick leaves curry,ortaking juice regularly can cure anemia


TAKE IRON PILLS! THIS IS THE CURE! My doctor told me that I was anemic and said that I need to take iron pills everyday. I did that and I went back a couple of months later. That is when she told me I was no longer anemic. You can get them anywhere. Walmart, food stores. EVEN THE DOLLAR STORE!!


If you drink coffee stop! it decreases iron absobtion in the blood. Cook meals in iron pans sounds crazy i know but it will allow iron to enter into your food. and also eat a lot of veggies


House of Herbs sulfered blackstrap molasses has helped with my 4-year battle with anemia from extremely heavy mentsrual cycles. I lost over half of my hair from anemia. AWFUL to think of wearing wigs at the age of 36!
I take 1 TBS per day with milk. In just 3 days after starting it my hair loss stopped. I have taken it for several months now and will not stop taking it. I stopped taking the OTC pills. they were not helping.


beet juice is the best anemia remedy


Anemia can result from an iron deficiency or a deficiency of vitamin b12 and folate. Dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of absorbable iron. Salmon and mackerel are good sources of vitamin B12, and black-eyed peas, beans and lentils for folate. (Source:


Daily intake of 3-4 pieces of dry figs helps in curing anemia.


To raise your iron eat apples, do not peel them, you must eat the pealing too..
I went anemic after having a hemmerage when giving birth and was told a way to raise my iron was to eat apples.

Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Anemia is where there isn’t enough iron in your blood. Tea has an ingredient in it that drains your iron from your blood. DO NOT DRINK TEA if you are anemic. Peanut butter and candy bars have a lot of iron in them. They are great for building up your iron. Of course peanut butter is better for you than the candy bars.


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