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Anal Skin Tags Home Remedies


The Skintag Slayer

So I have followed probably all the other stories on here and I vowed to share mine if I ever succeeded, I SUCCEEDED!!!

My journey to freedom from my anal skin tag took about 3 months in the making, a lot of trial and error, tea tree oils, dental floss, thread, scissors etc.

The first method I tried was using a thread to tie the skin tag, I could not ask anyone to help me for obvious reasons, so I did it myself, oh boy! the pain was excruciating and it didn’t feel like it was getting any better, it just got swollen and beyond discomforting, after 2 days I had to cut off the thread, it left a wound around the area and had also cut off a small part of the skin tag, so I figured it was working. I tried cutting the tag off by myself after reading that some of you did it on here (IT IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL AND NOT FOR THE WEAK) I of course couldn’t go through with it.

I left the wound to heal then I got myself some tea tree oil after reading that it was a natural remedy. I applied the oil every day for about a month, and it wasn’t showing any results.

Frustration set in and I gave up for another few weeks, but every time I wipe my ass this lump was just there, and (minor detail, I’m gay), so it was major because sex was very embarrassing, just the thought that this thing that looks like some sort of ailment just made me shy away from sex altogether, which enhanced my frustrations.

Finally I decided that the skin tag wasn’t going into the new year with me, so I got myself some floss, but the thread was too thin, I then found a thread that had a bit more thickness so as to not cut through my delicate anal skin, well it worked, the pain felt more like numbing rather than excruciating, boy oh boy was I in for a ride. I felt so happy that it was working that I needed to enforce the knot with another knot so as to speed up the process. I did that around day 3, and gosh was it tight! By now the tag was swollen and very sensitive, and my skin was detaching from the tag and healing at the same time which was very painful, couldn’t sit down easily, I had to stay in bed almost all through, ALOT OF PAINKILLERS helped and also some antibiotics to prevent infection. On checking the tag by day 4, there was progress but the pain was still there, so I decided to try to cut the skin tag off with some scissors, but it was too painful so I tied it again, this time with floss, (note that on tying these knots, they were irreversible because it had gone deep into my skin that I just couldn’t cut off the thread by myself) so that helped, the fact that I had to just run with it. Fast forward to day 8, I had tied it up with a tighter thread, and the pain had made me sick, luckily it was during the holidays. For about 2 days, The skin tag had already begun to decompose RIGHT IN MY ASS!, the stench was disturbing, I already began to worry, the texture was very rough and soft at the same time. On day 9 as I took a bath, THE SKIN TAG FINALLY FELL OFF!!! A miracle, I couldn’t stop dancing, so I scrubbed my ass like a MF, used rubbing alcohol afterward and coated it with tea tree and shea butter oil to help with the healing. Today I’m skin tag free and happy, my confidence is restored and I am glad to be sharing my story.

Before you decide to remove your skin tag DIY style please know your capacity to handle pain and weigh your options. Is it really worth the pain? can i just see the doctor instead?

Because honestly, the pain involved in the removal for me was the most pain I ever felt in my life. Some people on here claim to not feel that much pain but mine was EXTREME.

Be safe guys xoxo



Background: skin tag since middle school, now late 30s, female. Never had constipation issue or any other health problems. Petite

Size: grew and added few more over the years. couple of large raisins, half size raisin and couple of tiny ones – they don’t hurt, pinkish and skin colour

Method tried: dental floss on two large ones


Day 1: didn’t feel the pain when tying one of them, felt sharp pain tying the other one. Few hours later, it started to swell but no pain and went about doing normal activity

Day 2: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain, then took shower which helped ease the pain. Took 2 voltaren for pain relief and pain subsided to less than half. Very swollen, pink and tender to touch, size had grown, one of them to a blueberry size and another one to a plump big grape but in funny shapes and it’s hard. Mental state – “what have I done to myself?”. Took shower several times throughout the day. Took more pain meds before sleep but either it stopped working or pain level had increased to a point pain meds wasn’t enough, I could not sleep through the night. 20mins – 2hrs at a time, meditate, took shower in between.

Day 3: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain but was quick, took shower to help ease the pain. Upon careful inspection, noticed one of the tags had ripped, explains the pain. Applied antiseptic ointment several times a day. Took shower several times a day. Tag is still very swollen, looking very much alive, tender to touch and it’s hard. Took pain meds throughout the day, but still in lot of pain. Mental state: “I want to cut the dental floss and release myself from this pain but it’s so wedged in that I can’t. I’m so stupid!”, wanting to cry. Took pain meds and went to sleep, managed to sleep through the night.

This is Day 4 morning. Have not taken pain med yet but managed to take the bins out for rubbish collection, little bit hopeful for the improvement in pain level atm although it is still hurting to do normal activity. No BM yet. Ripped tag showing little scab, applied more antiseptic ointment after shower. Planning to take pain med and possibly try for BM after breakfast. Current mental state “Maybe I can get through this…or not. But never doing this again”. Tag still looking pink and swollen, very tender and hard.


Hi everyone. So I’m trying the floss method. I’m 4 days in and it started as the size of a raisin and has swollen to the size of a flat grape. The pain sucks! Just bought some Oragel. Hoping it helps! I’m ready to just ice it and cut it off! Ugh!


Soo, has anyone’s tag actually gone inside the anus? And essentially stretch to the outside? I know this is not a fissure and pretty confident it’s not a hem but I haven’t seen anyone post if there’s came from the inside.

Anyways, I tied what I could tie with the tagaway kit lots of you used. Didn’t get the base so there’s only half tied. 4 days and its pitch black and has no feeling. The underneath part has gotten very swollen and hurts! After I use the restroom I clean it with alcohol. Burns but worth it. Tying it hurt the first two days but i still went to work with it.

Scared of infection and seeing that the issue begins from the inside, I’m seeing a doctor this week. I’m nervous because if it is a hem I’ve read recovery takes months and months and I jut began a relationship so I’m not sure how I can explain that.

I’ll keep anyone interested updated if they want. Just really curious if their’s came from the inside or not.

Bye Bye Bean!!

Hey everyone,

So after reading all these posts I decided to try tying off my skin tag at home. and it was a SUCCESS!!! But I thought I would share my process. So for the past few years I always knew something was…there. Never truly thought much of it until my loving boyfriend nicely told me he saw something and wanted to make sure I knew and have a doctor look at it. When I did ask my gyno what it was she said hemorrhoid and I started using prep H which did nothing. So a while later I finally asked my mom to look at it (yeah it was weird but she got up close and personal with it and said it was a skin tag just on the outside of my anus). So we started the process. Mine was the size of a bean before we started. We used dental floss and tied it around the base. It hurt, but honestly wasn’t as bad as some had described. The next two days it got a little bigger but stayed red and puffy. Two day’s later we tied another one (this one didn’t hurt and I don’t think we got it any tighter then the first. Three days later still no change, just red and puffy. So we tied it again. I could tell it was tighter and a few hours later it started turning purple but then nothing more for another few days. Finally after week I was frustrated. So I got some orajel, applied it, waited for 20 minutes, and told my mom to tie it as tight as she could. OH MY GOD I should have got the orajel sooner, it was amazing how numb it made it, not totally but soooo much better. A few hours later it had turned completely white!! And the next day it shriveled up to barely anything and was deep purple. We waited two days then orageled again and snipped it right off. no blood, no nothing.

Now I know people warn about infections and such because it is a “dirty” area. I had my mom check it once if not twice a day. I also cleaned it a bunch throughout. And after every BM I bathed then cleaned with alcohol. I do have what others described as a “crater” but I just snipped it yesterday so I hope that just goes away after a few weeks. For me, I always used dental floss and always just tied a new one over the old. The floss did cut my skin a little which was the cause of some of my pain, but I wasn’t worried because I cleaned it so much. My advise to anyone wanting to do this is find someone to help. I would never have done it alone, and felt so much better having someone check to make sure there wasn’t an infection coming in. ALSO ORAGEL!!

I will get through this!

Hello everyone.

I have had this huge anus skintag since I was 15. I never went to see a doctor for it because I didn’t want to have to stick my butt up for someone to look at. It didn’t bother me that much until I noticed a second one forming six months ago. I finally went to the doctor and even found myself a specialist that could remove them. I went to see the specialist twice. At first he said he’d remove them for me but changed his mind on the second visit. He said I live too far away and he wanted me to see him everyday. He couldn’t guarantee how long it would take to heal so he suggested I find someone closer to where I live. I live in a small town so it’s impossible to find a doctor, especially one that specializes in skintag removal.

After months and months of feeling defeated I decided to do some research online. I stumbled on this site a few days ago and decided to try the dental floss thing. I decided to tie the big one first. The knot kept falling off. Last night I decided to ask my roommate to help me tie it properly. I accidentally grabbed on to the small one while she tied the knot. When it was done she informed me that we tied the wrong one. I decided that I want to continue with the big one as well since I was tackling with it the whole day already. Now I have two knots on my ass. The smaller one somehow grew to the size of the big one over night. The pain is unbearable but I can’t take any day off work. I think I’ll just suck it up.

I will let everyone know how things go tomorrow… thank you for giving me the courage to do this. I thought I was the only person that has things coming out of my butt. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Mr. Mint

The problem with self-banding at home is that often the use of a small rubber band or dental floss can not easily be placed onto the Anal Tag and is not tight enough. A small rubber band doubled or tripled will often slip down the flesh and not stay in the correct position. Dental floss can soften with moisture and come untied. After a couple painful failures, I have found the perfect solution. You want to use a small O-ring designed for plumbing and the lower half of an older “click style” ball point pen. The O-ring I used came from a “True Value” hardware store and measures 1/4″ outer diameter and 3/16″ inner diameter. Danco Inc. STK NO 35775B with UPC code 0-3715535775-8. Unscrew the ballpoint pen at it’s center to utilize the pen’s lower half as an applicator. Place the O-ring onto the small end of the pen body where the tip of the refill would normally protrude. Slide or roll the O-ring to the opposite end of the pen tube to expand it to 3/8″ diameter, positioning it right on the edge of the applicator opening. If there is a threaded section, cut it off with a hack saw and file smooth. If the Anal Tag is larger than 3/8″ diameter, continue to slide or roll the O-ring onto a larger diameter cylinder such as the end cap from a different style pen. Once the expanded O-ring is positioned on the end of a properly sized cylinder, place it over the Tag and slide it all the way down to the base of the Tag. Finally, roll or slide the O-ring off the applicator and onto the base of the Tag. You will feel a sharp pinching sensation followed later by a burning sensation. This is normal as the blood supply to the Tag has been cut off. For me, the pain level had reached an 8 out of 10 so I took a 325-5 Hydroncodon tablet left over from an old prescription. If you don’t have an Opioid, Tylenol can be used but avoid blood thinners like Aspirin or Advil as there will be some minor bleeding. An hour later, my pain level dropped to zero and then 6 hours later, it slowly returned but was only a level 2. By the next day, there was no pain at all and the Anal Tag had turned purple. Normally, this strangulation method causes the Tag to fall off in 5 to 7 days.

Leah L

After reading on here about skin tag removal I thought I’m doing it!! I’ve had this for years but I am sure it’s grown as now it’s a lot more noticeable and I’m so concious of it! I read about someone using the tag-band kit. So I got one. The tag it quite large but there’s a part of it that is sort of pointed off which is the bit I’m on edge about when doing certain things. So I figured even if I just get that part off it will look miles better! Anyway I put the band on yesterday and I could only get t to sit around half way down the tag. All these reviews about excruciating pain you have definitely banded round a nerve! Cause for me I had mild pain I put it on around mid day and kept checking it, it went pale, then by the end of the day purple. It did hurt a bit last night but I had some paracetamol and went to bed. I woke up at around 3ish for the loo and had a quick look at it. It was a really dark red. Not quite black yet. I reckon if it doesn’t fall off today it probably will tomorrow. No pain whatsoever now either! Was expecting it to really hurt today. Anyone thinking of doing it I would definitely recommend it. Kit is off amazon was £15


Hey guys, just thought I’d share my experience as this forum has been stalked by myself for almost a year now. I’ve had a largeish (I think) tag on my bottom for years now. It started as a small hem about a 10-15 years ago when I was in my very early 20s and was just a tiny little fold of skin, however the past few years it had grown to the size of a flat raisin. About 1×0.5cm. It’s right on the edge of my anus next to my perineum. It’s slowly destroyed my confidence as I felt revolting, and couldn’t stand my partner going anywhere near the area.

I’ve been researching home remedies for a while now as I was told by my doctor “ignore it” even when I explained the damage it was doing, sounds stupid to be so worked up over something so small but it’s made me feel awful for a while now.

I read up on this forum and eventually bought the tag-band kit, I banded it as soon as it arrived then immediately freaked out and took it off again. I’ve left it since but finally the other night decided I’d had enough.

I put two bands on as the first one didn’t quite sit flush. It didn’t hurt really, just a slight ache. The first night was fine, it went a kind of purpleish colour and just slightly throbbed. Yesterday was the same but it got slightly more painful as the day went on. Last night I can admit it was pretty sore, felt like cramps almost, I put some lidocaine cream on it and took a couple of Nurofen and managed to get an ok sleep.

Today I checked it and it’s gone black and a bit hard/dry at the end so it looks like it’s maybe properly working. I’m trying not to get too hopeful just yet, but it’s at least doing something. And the pain is much better, still taking ibuprofen just in case and to reduce any swelling it might want to do haha.

I’ll keep updating here as it goes. 🙂

Miss New Booty

Sorry for any graphic descriptions ahead:

I have visited this thread many times. A little backstory on me: I’m 27yo single mom of 1, 110 lbs. When I was pregnant, I was blessed with hemorrhoids. They were THEE worst. I was assured by my doctor that they would go away. Well, they shrank, but left giant skin tags surrounding my rectum. My buttonhole literally looks like a flower, only it’s not pretty at all. The tags are significant in size. One, closest to my vaginal area, is literally the size of a quarter. And it’s not just a neat little tag either; it’s folded around the curve of my butthole, so no matter how hard I tried the flossing/banding method, there was no way it was going to heal right even if it did work, but the stupid floss wouldn’t stay on it for more than a night anyway. I’ve gone in and out of phases with dealing with the tags. I”ve had sex where I’ve worried about them being noticed, and it’s so god-awful embarassing. And now that I’m entering a new relationship, with sex on the horizon, he’s bound to notice that my backside isn’t what a typical backside looks like. And not to toot my own horn (no pun intended), but I have a very full butt, and he loves that, so I mean…he’s going to want to go exploring, you know? And the thing is, I WANT to be comfortable enough to let him. Not only that, but they are literally a pain in the arse to keep clean. They get irritated, they can cause itching…it’s just a terrible problem to have, and I’m glad I found this board because it has made me feel better and given me hope.

ANYWAY. Tonight, I was examining everything, and I noticed a brand-new little tag popping up, almost from inside the rectum. It wasn’t inside, but it was close. It was in a very tender spot. It was small and bright pink. And the sight of it flipped me into a rage. I gathered what supplies I had – brand new cuticle cutters, hydrogen peroxide, and gauze. And I cut that tag out. It was surrounded by other tags that are older and less sensitive, but for some reason, that little tag just pushed me over the edge. It pinched sharply for just a few seconds. And then it was gone. Almost like popping a big sensitive zit. I’m not afraid of blood at all, but the blood was bright red and there was quite a bit of it for such a small tag. I quit trying to absorb it with gauze and instead just hopped into the shower and cleaned the whole area, patted it dry with a clean towel, used gauze to put more hydrogen peroxide on it, and packed it with gauze, and it wasn’t bleeding at all. Doesn’t hurt a single bit right now, and I just did it ten minutes ago. I”m laying on my tummy to reduce blood flow. Tomorrow, I am going to get the Emla numbing stuff that someone mentioned, and some Neosporin, and I’m going to tackle the biggest tag. Once it’s done, I know I will feel so liberated, so long as it is properly cared for and kept clean.

I am not a doctor – though I have been to one since this tag situation arose four years ago, and he a) made me feel SO embarrassed and b) told me that if I demanded surgery, it wouldn’t be covered by insurance and I would be laid up for TWO to SIX WEEKS (like, literally unable to work). Um, no. So I tried everything: herbal treatments, ACV (which hurt and irritated the crap out of my skin around the tags – it’s kinda hard not to let it have contact when it’s between your friggin’ BUTT CHEEKS – and even clear nail polish. None of them were strong enough for these very prominent skin tags. They might work on smaller ones, but for people like me, it seems like CAREFULLY cutting them off is a less painful, faster option. I wish you all the best of luck, and I’ll keep you posted on my journey to hopefully a more normal-looking butt. Cheers!


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