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September 13, 2017
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September 14, 2017
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Anal Fistula Home Remedies


buy a pimple cream with the ingredient “benzoyl proxide”. apply it several times a day, and before bed. you will probable have it for the rest of your life. sorry. surgery is only 58\% a cure. do some research. good luck

J. Warren

My Hemorrhoids Have Disappeared!”

Since giving birth to our daughter Mary, I’ve had hemorrhoids that would often bleed, cause itching and just get in the way of my everyday life. I tried all the popular hemorrhoidal creams, but they didn’t last long and the symptoms would come back. But after trying a couple of methods from your system, my hemorrhoids have disappeared. You definitely got the name right for your book! Thanks!  read book here


To all the people suffering from anal abscess/fistual i feel your pain.December 2014 I had a hemorrhoid. Have had in the past. Fast forward to late January still there after the normal prep h treatment I had used in past. One day it bursted blood came out a fair bit and the hemorrhoid went down significantly. This had happened before too in past. Then about a week later all of a sudden swelling again and burny itchy pain. Went to bathroom and when sat down it bursted with puss and some blood. Felt a lot better. To my dismay the next day same thing after morning bowl moment it would swell up and eventually burst again during the day. After a couple weeks of this went to see a doctor. Put me on antibiotics for 7 days. Swelling went down no bursting but didn’t heal completely and when I stopped started all over. He gave me another 14 day and same deal. Went to see a specialist and he said abscess and wanted to do surgery and put a stent in as figured fistual tract too. I read about others who had this done and was actually worse. So I went to Google and tried just about every natural cure. Manuka honey tumeric homeopathic pills 3 kinds taken together raw garlic. Sitz baths with Apple cider vinegar witch hazel you name it. I think some of these helped eventually get rid of abscess. Then June 2015 I knew I had a fistula. After BM would generally swell up under skin in same area and would be blood and water you could literally pop like a pimple. Sometimes would go a couple days with no swelling. Went on like this until early November 2016. Yes had this thing for almost 2 years. What finally healed up fistual was fast BM with very little effort.on and off as fast as I could. After each BM clean with soap and water gently every night before bed ID put on some pure coconut oil. This seems to help heal. I would still soak In Tub with lots of baking soda and empsom salts. It was a tough battle and wish it upon nobody. I do believe the paste I Made with tumeric power baking soda tee tree oil and water fairly thick did help get the infection out. I’d put that on at night before bed with cotton ball. But for the fistual only seemed to heal once it was ready too. Try to keep the area dry at all times.


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