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Bee pollen


SALT is a natural antihistamine!

must read

I used salt and water cleared my allergy fast/er than any antihistamine drug I’ve ever used and its natural so happy I found something easy safe salt saves my suffering hope it helps you too:)


My family has a long history of asthma and allergies, my son has asthma since 2 years old. We’ve many different natural products, and traditional pharmacology. With little improvements. But what really made a big difference to help us to control the symptoms is when we found probioclean products, then his overall allergy level really went down.


Food allergies: hot cocoa has fermented cocoa leaves and probotic will help or cure food allergies. Pickles, soy sauce,etc. Helps clear out gut where most food allergies begin. Hope works for you as it does for me.


Hi everyone

A few months ago I began suffering from hives during the early morning and sometimes at night, it was itchy welts that were becoming a real nuisance, I tried everything from allergy shots and steroids (which worked for a month) to various antihistamines (which worked for a day). I dont normally post but I hope this can help someone they way it helped me. After reading many of the posts that recommended cooling the body, I realised that one source of allergies could be a change in temperature. I live in the southern hemisphere so its now winter for us and i noticed that the hives were the worst early morning when its coldest. So i thought to grab as many blankets as I could and bundled myself up. As soon as my body temperature normalised all my hives went away!!! Perhaps it could be worth checking out: perhaps depending on what the longest season in your region is.

Sorry for the long post, i wanted to try and be as clear as possible. Hope this post helps some one, God bless and may we get cured. 🙂


I know most of us have stoumach pains. This is a very old remedy, but it works fine. But pleaase do not drink it every day, the limit you can i once everyday for 3 days. Ok this is what you do. You first grab a mug of water and heat it up. Make sure its microwaveable. Then, after itis in there and pretty hot, add Jello mix and stir. Dont add too much, it will be too strong to drink. After stirring, add some honey, make sure to put it the amount needed to make the Jello mjx too strong. Now stir and serve. Make sure to drink it warm, otherwise if it cools too much, it will become Jello. This works for me, and it also kills any fly virus that may be forming from Allergies. This soothes Sore Throat, Redness in throat, Coughing, Flu, Runny Nose, and Clogged up Nose.

Silk relief

A huge relief to skin allergies and itching all night for me is sleeping in silk sheets. It has been a life saver. At first I bought a set that was fairly cheap but it fell apart. I then found bed sets at that are such good quality and are even softer. I’m sleeping heaps better. The investment was worth it and I even went to the extent of buying silk underlay, doona and pillows.
I also put some pawpaw ointment over my skin in the mornings. It seems to create a protective layer from whatever makes me itchy during the day.


This may seem like an old wives tale/remedy (it did to me when I was told it), but it really worked for me! I was told to buy honey from a local farmers market, as they say the local bees have the same pollen we’re getting in the air. I’d either have it regularly on toast, in tea, or just a teaspoon a day for about a week and I no longer get allergic reactions. I used to take Claratin D a few times each season but haven’t had to in years.

Dr. Saif Ahmad

I live in Georgia, USA and here every year during pollen season, I am having nasal congestion and red and itchy eye, cough and it last for 2-3 weeks. It affects my work and energy as I am not able to get good sleep. every night is hell and i have to wakeup like 2 am till morning because there is no air passage from my nose. I feel like I will dye by suffocation. well I tried several medicine including allerga, Zyrtec, clertin and many more, nothing worked. I got frustrated by advice and medicines. As I belong to India where we use traditional medicine to cure these problems. Today I had worst day and now I feel better because I did what I was supposed to do…
I boil the water in a pan and put some cardamom (brown which is big size and small one), raw ginger, apple cider, clove, whole black pepper not powder, fennel seeds, cinnamon and i waited for 5 minutes till water extracted their natural compounds. When it came to boil and vaporization started , I took a towel and cover up my head along with the pan. I started inhaling the vapor for 10 minutes (first use mouth and then after few seconds you will be able to inhale by nostril). Believe me or not, within a minute I felt that I am in heaven because my right nostril got open and finally i was breathing. I felt so relaxed and I think i will do it again after a break. atleast you can breath and it helps a lot……just try it and believe me you will like the smell of vapor also. It worked for me……


For allergies I would take 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 4 oz of water three times a day, or when you start showing symptoms…..if you want you can add some honey to make it a little bit sweeter!


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