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Ron Benefield

Age spots are not remedied on the outside of the body since they originate on the inside of the boady. Liver cleanse and proper colon cleanse will in time eliminate age spots from where they formed. Inside the body not the outside. It is more than a cosmetic issue it is a toxic accumulation issue. Thats why older people get them and they are never or seldom seen on the young.


honey and powdered cinnamon, leave on for 20 mins and clean off…. sounds very disgusting but works…. DONT FORGET TO MOISTURIZE AFTERWARDS….:p


Fresh lemon juice daily until discoloration is reduced/removed.


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Pure lemon juice rubbed onto the skin (works for freckles too, thank goodness), then moisturize. Do not rinse first.


Take selenium and the herbs ginseng, dandelion, liquorice, gotu kola, and sarsaparilla in capsule or tea form.


Vitamin E oil or cod liver oil will reduce coloration when applied to affected areas daily.


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