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Pain Home Remedies                                                                                          



I tried alcohol and rinsed it month infected area than spit it out then u. Feel a little burn… but my granny gave me dis ‘remedy it worked a miracle. .?☺?


This works. Period. There was a time when my wisdom tooth pushed up overnight and cracked two teeth. My mouth was a mess. I was a mess. No chance to get to the dentist as I was overseas in Indonesia. The locals there gave me a tea from a plant called Kratom. The pain was gone in 5 minutes. Further, I felt great. I then returned home and had it tended to and the dentist was amazed. There was absolutely no infection. Apparently the tea made from Kratom is anti biotic or something. I looked and you can buy Kratom in the US though there is some controversy surrounding it. It also works for any other pain you’re having but with a toothache I’ve never had anything work as fast as this. I am now a believer.

shaheen siddiqui

wowoo magic. i had toothache wen i was also suffering from flu n pain in ear. hummmm three in one. so i was looking for some home remedy i found out abt crushed Garlic n put it on the infected gum n tooth n the pain vanished. its painful but it works in seconds.


This will work for a stomachache (use in kids espacially after trick or treating :). Take a cup of warm water and just, don’t sip, chug it down so the water won’t burn you. The next day you can repeat if your stomach stills hurts. Hope you ,or them person who is using this ,feel better!!!

the bitch

This is a simple and easy thing to do that will decrease any pain by a great measure. It is called the tapping technique.

1.rate your problem from 1-10 with 10 being major and 1 being minor.

2.outloud say even though i have (state the problem) i still love and accept myself without judgement

3.with your index finger tap your brestbone about 10 times while again repeating your problem. (for an ache you would say ache).

4.now tap on the outside of your eye and remember to repeat the problem and tap about 10 times. the same for each one.

5.tap below your eye

6.tap below the nose

7.tap below the mouth and above the end of the chin

8. stretch our index finger and thumb apart and rub inbetween.

9.rate your problem now.

10. you may have to repeat this method 7 time to completely remove all pain but you could get rid of it the first time. It depends on how severe the pain is.


Well im in gynastics so i get aches a lot. But i have come up with diffrent remedy for the bad spots in my body! My number one aches come from my wrists and ankels. So if you want to treat your wrists its easey!

So what i do for my wrists, First i wet with warm water or hot water onto a paper towel or cloth. Then i place it on my aching spot. I wait a while, but sice a have a short attenchion span i watch tv! So after the cloth/paper towel is starting to get cold, wrince the cloth/paper towel in cold water. After you place it back on your sore spot and take it off put some baby powder on your ache. Then i move my wrists in a circler motion.

So then for my ankels, I kinda do the sme thing but i find it more effective if i do that back wards. Baby powder, cold water, then warm water. I dont know im just wierd.:)

But the top sore spot for many people is thier neck! So first i wrince my neack in the shower with warm water. I place the shower hose back in forth side to side on my neck. It kinda acts like a masager. The i take a damp towel and place it over my neck. Until it drys a drink tea or orange juce.Its a little method i do!:)

Well hope it works for all of ya:)


Home acupuncture product. For instance, pillows, mits, etc like the Prickley Pad. I am sure there are other’s on the market, I am just familiar with this one. I have had numerous issues with my shoulder, neck, and back (I am a retired tennis coach). This type of product is very practical for those who are looking for a natural way for the body to heal by stimulating blood. It has worked wonders for me, 30 minutes a day.


put a few handfuls of rice in a sock. Heat the sock up in the microwave (as warm as you can stand it) and put on your ache. Works like a heating pad if you don’t have one.

Alessandria Skiarra

An Icepack works wonders but many people dont have one at home. Well wjen my children have had aches, I lay some icecubes on a small sheet of aluminum fiol and wram it up. Then I put it in a plastic bag to avoid leakage. The aluminum foil preserves the ices coldness and makes that pain go away!


As hot of water you can stand and epsom salts added until the water cools. You will feed soooo much better and take an OTC pain reliever.


DRINK MORE WATER!!! Keep yourself hydrated. If you are lacking water so are your muscles. Your body is mostly water. You must constantly replenish it as you lose moisture throughout the day. The pain may just be your body’s way of screaming for thirst!


To cure muscle aches put more potassium in your diet by eating bananas or taking potassium caplets. Potassium is an essential mineral required for proper heart and muscle function.


Take calcium, B-complex, and cayenne supplements to heal muscles and as a preventative measure.


Take the herbs valerian root or lobelia in capsules to relax muscles and alleviate pain.


Lobelia or cayenne extract, when applied to the painful area, will relax muscles and aid the healing process


Apply moist heat directly to the affected area.


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