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September 9, 2017
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Abscesses and Boils Home Remedies



I had an abscess removed in September at the ER, I didn’t know of any home remedies at the time. I had tried black salve to draw it out but it didn’t seem to work. Well, when cooking hamburger 2 nights ago I burned myself on the finger in the same place that they removed the abscess from. Now it appears the abscess is back or that I have a burn. Not totally sure which one. I know it looks very similar to what I had before. Going to try white toothpaste and see what it does


I have a abscess in between my breast and it has been there for almost two weeks. I have used vinegar, tea bags and warm compresses daily and no results. Went to the doctor and got put on antibiotics still no relief so I have been alternating using cator oil and warm compresses with Epsom salt bath and also did a slice of potatoe on it for 2 hours. It is draining but, not totally. Any advise to get it to drain all the way?


Hi everyone im 29 weeks pregnant and suffering with perianal abscess/fistula…im crying with pain…i cant walk or sit…just been in bed for the past 5 days..its so difficult going toilet..i tried the tumeric paste with coconut oil and tea tree but its gone worse…is it meant to get bigger. Theres no head to it either. I dont know what to do..im so upset because ive lost my appetite with severe pain and my baby is not getting nutrients. Should i try the paste again tonight?


Abcess cure !!

I have an abcess on the top of my buttocks . Boy does it hurt. Couldnt walk . Couldnt sleep. Couldn’t get out of bed. It was hurting soo badly.

I tried all the home remedies listed on here but nothing worked.

I have had this abcesss for about 5 days.

This morning i applied natural yogurt and honey as my abcess had got a blister on it from trying to apply garlic. It hurt soo bad.

After doing this i cleaned it off . Applied a hot compress and had a little nap .

Then had a hot bath with epsom salts.

After doing this i got dressed . And while i started to walk i smelt this disgusting foul smell. It was my abcess.it had burst. The colour was green and bloody . My gosh the smell was like a mixture of rotten eggs and dog poo but this remedy does work and im sooo relieved my abcess has popped.

No more pain .

It has a huge dent now where the abcess was and its leaking a bit still but does not smell.

Please try this remedy it works.

Apply a generous amount of unflavored natural yogurt. Mix it with natural honey. Leave this on for about an hour.

After an hour clean up the area and apply baby powder and a warm compress. Leave this for about an hour

After this have a warm bath with epsom salts. Try to stay in their for about 30 mins .

This remedy should soften up the abcesss and it should rapture on its on.

Once abcess has popped make sure you have squeezed out all the pus and cleaned it up. After doing this make sure area is dry and Apply a gauze and tea tree antiseptic spray. Make sure to do this daily until area is healed as the abcesss can come back.

Hope this works for you as it did for me !!


Hi everyone ! I have tried everything. Nothing worked. I tried milk and bread. Warm compress. Baths with epsom salts . Aleo vera . Red onion. Etc nothing worked. I have an abcess on the top of my bum. I went into doctors to get it drained. She cut it open but as it didnt have a head only a lil bit of blood came out. This made it worse. I have been unable to walk in days been taking panadeine forte and nurofen. Losing hope i tried this remedy .

I made a paste out of 3 garlic gloves , tumerica and coconut oil. I applied this to the area and then sat in my infared sauna . And the abcess went away after 60 mins !

This is the only thing i found that works that got rid of it within an hour .

If you dont have a sauna then apply the paste and use a hot compress .

Otherwise go to a place that has a sauna as this honestly does work and im soo relieved. After days of suffering not being able to walk.

I was cured within an hour !!

Trust me this works and it does not burn or sting at all as the coconut oil stops the garlic from doing so but honestly best cure!!


Well…me? Had pain in the abssesses under both armpits. Applied a spot of sensodyne toothpaste on bandage. Sometimes! Now have small pain enuff to not sleep boil or something on m upper left thigh at butt cheek. O course I tried it again
..seems to be working! Whatchusay? Baby I got it! Give care to prolonged moisture points under your activewear and material- fabric contact with skin which may abrasively irritate with constant activity. The irritation is not noticed until the clothes are off. I am Pheobeus(the lonesome loser beaten by the queen of hearts everytime)


first sorry for the english that is not the best.
i have had a cyst in my butt (sacrococcygeal as they call it) and i done removal cirgury twice but it came back again and i need to remove it. it infects a lot of times and a doctor gave me two ideas to stop the infection. the problem is that it only works if the infection is in the beginning. so here it is : ice and talcum powder. ice will make the region less good for the bacterias to spread and should be applied 3 times a day or more. talcum powder will prevent the spot from beeing wet from sweat for example and should be used all the time when we go out, or when use pants ,so throught the day.
the key is keep that spot cold and dry most of the time. clean the place with cold water and dry it very well every day and you will see that it works. again, it only works if you catch it in the beggining or else it wont work
hope it helps for you and again sorry for the bad english

Experience Pateint

Firstly make some hot water add quater T-Spoon of Potassium Permanganate (avalable in any local medical store), sit in water for 20-30 mins, do this 3 times a day. Once your done with prior step, make a misture of small amount of tree oil and turmeric and apply on infected area and place a cotton over it. do this 3 times a day after every bath. Never allow infected area to get Wet always use powder or cotton in your inner wear.


I just started to get abscesses this year. My first one came about the end of April. I don’t know how it started, but I noticed a hot painful bump on my upper left thigh. The symptoms sounded familiar, since I had a friend who just went through the same. She had to get it drained and was under antibiotics.
I really didn’t want to go that route, but after a week, it was so painful it affected my walk and it hurt to sit. After coercing from a nurse friend, she told me that I had to have it drained. So I went that night and did it, and they prescribed me antibiotics. Honestly, those are the reasons why I swore I wouldn’t go back to the Dr for these, even though the antibiotics did help the three other bumps that were coming in. I hated taking them! They messed up my body so bad, I couldn’t wait for the last day.
So that was through in about two weeks. A few weeks later, I notices a small white bump on my upper thigh. Not thinking, I scratched at it till it busted. Big mistake. The area started to swell immediately, becoming more and more painful. And on top of that, the location was unfortunate, it was on my hip where my pants fit, so it rubbed against whatever I put on. I swore that I wouldn’t get cut anymore, and that I wouldn’t take anymore antibiotics so I began to look up remedies and I came across this site. I began doing the hot compress every few hours, and I began to see what looked like a small head beginning. So, again, perusing this site, I came across a couple of people mentioning prims drawing salve, and how it works wonders. So I looked it up and read more reviews, mostly positive. I looked it up to see if it was in my area store, and luckily it was. I went and picked it up for about 4 bucks. I went home, washed the area and applied the salve to the area. It was thick, but I managed to cover the area. I woke up the next morning amazes to see a little bit of blood and pus. I put on a triple antibiotic creme and placed a bandaid back on. A few hours later, I found that the wound had closed, and the pain persisted. A little disappointed, I once again applied the salve and the bandaid. I noticed that the wound was shiny and I saw that the skin around it was peeling. I figured that it was Etekcity® HDMI to AV Composite RCA CVBS Video + Audio Converter For TV PS3 VHS VCR DVDa good sign, and continued with the compressed and salve. One morning in particular, the pain was excruciating. It hurt to walk up stairs and sit down, everything irritated it, and soon I was groaning in pain. After a very uncomfortable car ride, I noticed that the pain was minimal. After checking, I found that it had popped on its own! I managed to squeeze a little more out, and washed it, and put antibiotic creme on. I saw the next morning that the wound was healing. Thank goodness I found out about this stuff! I figured I should put a review on the site that helped me. I even recommended it to my nurse friend who knew nothing about it.
Just place hot compresses and that salve, and put a bandaid or gauze pad over it. It worked for me!


Ichtamol helps me a lot with abccesses, it is a drawing cream sold over the counter in german pharmacies. However here in the US I wasnt that lucky to find it anywhere until I went into a feed and tack store…. yes it is for horses.i get nasty abscesses all the time, almost anywhere on my body. On top i take hot hot baths, it usually opens and drains quickly within a day or two.


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