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Abdominal Colic (Infants) 13 Home Remedies



The real cause of colic is unknown. But this makes the baby upset which results in frequent cryings in the small infants. Its better to get help from the experts at the earliest.


The best remedy I tried is the Babies’ Magic Tea, as soon as we give it to our baby, he stops crying and feels better




‘It really works!! Our baby is 2 months old and normally wakes up 3 times a night. It is so difficult to get her back to sleep and she would be crying the whole night. I was so exhausted. My husband purchased Baby Bowen and the rest is history! She now only wakes up at most once a night for a feed and there is no more crying! She goes right back to sleep! Thanks for this awesome guide!’PP


The best remedy for colic and gas is Babies’ Magic Tea, as soon as we gave it to my baby girl, the fussiness was gone and she started sleeping through the night, we are very grateful.

Ms. C

Why or why would you want to try these time consuming remedies while baby is in such discomfort, hurting and crying??? …and while you are losing your sleep!

My infant daughter had colic from the first week I brought her home from the hospital and did not sleep through even one night until she was 13 months old. The reason? She had colic and woke me up crying or screaming EVERY SINGLE NIGHT….averaging four times a night, no less than two! Nothing really worked to help alleviate her discomfort!!!

One day I was in a drug store and happen to run across a homeopathic product made just for infants with colic. They turned out to be ‘seltzer tablets’ similar-like to Alka Seltzer. The tablets are smaller than the size of a pencil eraser. All you do is put them between your thumb and pointer finger, put a couple of water drops on the tablet to make it melt into a wet powder, and then baby just ‘nurses’ the melted mixture off your finger. I NEVER HAD AN INTERRUPED NIGHT OF SLEEP DUE TO COLIC!

There is no particular name brand of these natural, homeopathic infant seltzer tablets, but is available in most pharmacies. The product line I found also carried natural tablets also for teething, ear aches, and sleeplessness for infants.

Try these!!!


If your are nursing, try stopping all dairy and soy foods for at least a week. Then begin to add some of these back in slowly. Watch for the colic to return and if it does, you can bet it is an intolerance of milk and/or soy. Your baby might outgrow these but for now cut these out for the first 6 months.


my mother used this with me and my 2 sister’s and she recalls her mother using it with some of her younger siblings. Peel the flaky outer peeling off a yellow onion then take the first layer of skin off the onion and put it in a pot of 2 cups of boiling water and boil it down about halfway. Give baby only 1-2 tsps @ a time in a bottle of water, not formula as the onion will make the formula spoil on the stomach and uve defeated the purpose. …ive used this with both of my kids and my daughte only had problems with fussiness one time and she will be 13 soon and my mother’s mother used it on all her kids im assumming and she had 12 so it must’ve been good.


get olive oil and warm it in your hands. rub it onto your babies feet and then place socks. swadle that baby up and just rock this works wonders. i used this on both my children and it worked like a charm!


For nursing moms: Try cutting out all dairy and soy for a week, then slowly add some back in. If the colic comes back then it’s probably a temporary milk-soy intolerance that they will outgrow. In the meantime, avoid dairy and soy for at least the first three months. Most babies will outgrow the intolerance by a year.


My 6 week old son has really bad colic. My mother suggested to give him Cumin, that’s what she used to give me.
Boil a cup of water, add to one teaspoon of Cumin seeds, let stand for 15 minutes, drain and cool. Add sugar if needed. You can give it straight out of the bottle, dropper or add a few teasppons into formula. Works wonders!!! My baby stoped crying immediately.
***my mother-in-law suggested Star Anise for colic as well, I researched it and found that the FDA issued a warning for herbal teas made from Star Anise, it has been linked to seizures and other problems in infants. So I wouldn’t use it…but try the Cumin, it works extremely good.

Tuscan Equine

Well when my horses get colic (the same twisted intestines/impaction in the intestines as infants) we give them a bubbly carbonated beverage like orange/coke/pepsi soda. This bubbly goodness clears up all problems. Safe for infants MAY include bubbly flavored water. So the sugar intake is not as bad as a can of Coke-a-cola. Oils & Minerals are also give no horses to clear up their colic.


Melt 1 starlight mint into 1 bottle of hot water and add sugar if needed. (usually no sugar is needed) By the time the mint has melted (not necessarily all the way), it is cool enough to feed to baby. I used this on all 3 of my colicky kids! IT WORKS!!!


add some baby cereal oatmeal works best to thier bottles this helps something settle on thier stomache so it isnt just milk that has curded and it helps push the curded milk out


Administer a tea made from boiled bay leaves or peppermint. Be sure to let the tea cool first.


Add a teaspoon of fennel seeds to a cup of water, and boil for a couple of minutes. Let cool, and add one or two teaspoons of the solution to feedings.


Make a paste of asafoetida, also known as devil’s dung, and rub gently around the umbilicus.


Rub the infant’s feet to help relieve pain from gas.


Position the infant with legs in fetal position and in an upright position.


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