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Abdomen Pain After Child Birth 7 Home Remedies

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Such pain occurs due to the contraction of the uterus and its return to the natural form. One can consult a doctor and get the right medication for the condition. Apart from this there are natural home remedies like taking the bath in warm water, avoiding the consumption of gastric food items.


these cramps are caused by contractions of your uterus as it shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size and location after you have your baby. (The process is called ‘involution.’)

Afterpains are typically mild for first-time moms (if you feel them at all) and don’t last long, but they can be quite uncomfortable after a second delivery and usually get worse with each successive pregnancy. That’s because first-time mothers have better uterine muscle tone, so the uterus tends to contract and stay contracted, rather than intermittently relaxing and then contracting again.

Cramping will be most intense during the first day or two after giving birth and should taper off on the third day or so (though it can take six weeks or longer for your uterus to return to normal size).

Breastfeeding can bring on these cramps or make them more intense because your baby’s sucking triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn causes contractions. (Try to see that as a good thing – these contractions usually help reduce postpartum blood loss, which is why your body produces them.)
You can do the following to help get rid of the pain?

Pee often, even if you don’t feel the urge to go. A full bladder displaces the uterus so it can’t contract as well as it should.

Some women find it helpful to lie face-down with a pillow under their lower belly.

Gentle massage of the lower belly helps some moms.

Ibuprofen generally works well for afterpains. Let your caregiver know if it doesn’t give you enough relief.


The uterus contracts to return to its -original fist full size.That’s why u get those after pains,that seem worse with each pregnancy.I would wear a ‘ slim-ing shirt’ – the undershirts u buy to make u look thinner and I would massage roughly my stomach pressing on my uterUs in a downward motion. The shirt helps support ur new body and ur new hurts to massage just bare because of the lOose stretchmarks. Be sure to press in a downward motion in all directions and start as soon as u give birth. U will feel the blood come down, don’t be alarmed –keep in mind too much blooD too fast is dangerous. Breastfeeding is a must for me… And the first 2 days when ur baby suckles at ur breast ur uterus will contract the strongest, which is good and painful!!! tylenol with codine is more effetive than the regular prescription for these momments … Congrats and wish the best


Cramp bark is useful to ease uterine cramps but should not be used if you are sensitive to Asperin.

Chamomile also helps too.

The afterpains is the uterus contracting back down to size, and for each child these pains get worse. By my fifth child, the pains lasted 30 minutes in length and felt like I was in hard labor again.


I went to a proffesional herbal lady and for pain after child birth she recomended real rasberry leaf tea. Not the one sold in grocery stores but at herbal stores. That helped my tummy contract and get to its normal shape in no time.So the quicker the pain stopped and felt better in a shorter amount of time.


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