5 Ways You Can Use the Placebo Effect to Quit Smoking



When testing quit smoking aids like e-cigarettes, nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), and prescription drugs like Zyban and Chantix, scientists usually test a placebo alongside the real thing.

They give real aids to participants in these studies which contain no nicotine to measure and separate the psychological effects from the placebo against the physiological effects of the real aid.

This helps them attribute the real success rate to the actual e-cigarette, NRT, or drug. Which makes you think there must be a significant effect from the placebo for scientists to feel the need to measure it… the psychological side must be a factor that can’t be ignored when quitting smoking, the belief factor especially.

5 Ways You Can Use the Placebo Effect to Quit Smoking

If you focus on the cold turkey approach to quitting smoking with no quit smoking aid whatsoever, it will be more of a natural process. This helps you determine how well the psychological factor is working for you alone because there is nothing else in the picture to distort the result. Here are 5 ways to do this:

1) Start changing your thoughts around smoking to change your beliefs. A belief is a thought or group of thoughts that you keep thinking. Your thoughts and beliefs create your cravings, also known as feelings and emotions. Keep thinking why it is better not to smoke.

2) Change how you think about smoking… you may like smoking and feel deprived at the thought of never smoking again. Change this to see smoking as it really is… it does nothing for you. Remember how you coped fine (and better) before you became a smoker.

3) Change how you think about quitting smoking… quitting smoking doesn’t have to be hard especially when you associate bad things (the real truth) with it rather than good things.

4) Believe. Now you know these methods, you can believe that is possible to see smoking as bad as it really is, and that quitting can be easy. And don’t believe you need to smoke when you can easily believe you don’t need to smoke.

5) Repetition and reminders. Keep these new thoughts in your mind often and keep reminding yourself of them, especially if you are tempted to smoke. Repetition is key, don’t allow yourself to get distracted back into your old way of thinking. This new way of thinking becomes habitual so you don’t want to smoke, just as the old habit made you want to smoke.

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