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August 7, 2017
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August 7, 2017
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5 Unusual Ways to Quit Smoking that Actually Worked



Quitting smoking can be tough and it can be difficult to determine the best way to quit especially when you see that many methods show mixed results.

We are used to seeing the usual methods promoted like nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, hypnotherapy, or medications like Zyban and Chantix. But there are people who have quit using none of these methods, here are 5 such people.

1. Start a new hobby

Reeve McNamara of Atlanta found that the only thing that worked for him to quit smoking was running. Whenever he craved a cig, he would run. He started out running only a few miles a day but he now runs up to 44 miles a day… trouble is, he is now addicted to running instead of smoking.

2. Tough love

Director of the How Quit website, Robert Brown, 46, modeled his quit smoking after the marines. He believes that quitting smoking is less difficult when you believe you can do it. Brown used boot-camp techniques like dumping all smoking gear, the buddy system, exhausting himself with activities and exercise.

3. Motherly love

Sandi Sedberry, 44, of Rockhill, S.C. used motherly love to quit. When she discovered that here 19-year-old son had picked up the habit, she was more motivated to change. So she made a pact with her son to quit. In around 2 months it worked for Sandi and her son.

4. Workplace challenge

Melissa Gold, 34, from Washington D.C. quit smoking on the first day of a 6-month no smoking challenge from her boss. When he asked her and he fellow smokers what it would take to get them to quit smoking, she said “you’d have to pay me”. The boss offered to pay £5, the cost of a pack of cigarettes back then. The money was taken out of the employee’s paychecks and put in a quit smoking fund for 6 months and the company would match that. The final figure came to around $2000. The boss also paid for any quit smoking aid they needed.

Gold says “I think with any kind of discipline challenge (weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.), it’s really important to do it with a group. The peer pressure to stay clean and keep you accountable is key, she says. A generous boss didn’t hurt either.” 9 years later, Gold is still smoke-free.

5. Mantras and Vitamins

Susan Brannan, 33 of Rochester, New York quit smoking by chanting mantras and taking vitamin C drops. She used to smoke a pack a day and quit cold turkey using this method.

Brannan tried nicotine gum and lozenges but they didn’t work for her. She liked the taste of the vitamin C drops.

Every time she got the urge to smoke, she would recite the mantra NOPE- not one puff ever out aloud, and it helped her resist the temptation.

Why do these methods, work? Heath Dingwell, PhD, author of 12 Things to Do to Quit Smoking, thinks he has the answer:

“The physical withdrawal, for most people, lasts from a few days to a maybe a week. After that, it’s the psychological withdrawal that people have the most difficulty with,” says Heath Dingwell, PhD, author of 12 Things to Do to Quit Smoking.

In essence, if you make it past the first week, you then face the psychological symptoms — the mere habit of lighting up – which, for some people, can last quite a long time. In Dingwell’s opinion, it comes down to breaking that habit and finding better ways to manage stress.

I totally agree. My advice is that it doesn’t have to be a conventional method that you use to quit smoking, rather… just use what works for you.

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